The Look for Less: thredUp

 Thursday, March 27, 2014

A while back on The Preppy Student I introduced thredUp, an online boutique that buys and sells like-new clothing. thredUp has some of my favorite brands of clothing for up to 90% off. I have always been a bargain shopper, and someone who is not afraid to buy gently worn clothing at deep discounts. 

As a college student, I am always interested in stretching my dollar. But, I am not willing to give up style or fashion. I do have brands that I always gravitate to and I am always looking to update my closet. 

Here are some of the steals and deals I'm obsessing over right now on thredUp:

This Cynthia Rowley $14.49
This J.Crew Dress $39.99 

I am always looking for more formal and cocktail dresses because it seems like I am always going to those events with the same group of people. Paying retail for a dress I'm only going to wear once seems outrageous so I prefer to buy and sell my formal dresses.

Free People $14.49
Kate Spade Tweed Heels $45.99

Would you buy second hand clothing from places like thredUp? Have you purchased from online consignment and thrift stores?


The Luck of the Irish

 Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patricks Day! I hope that y'all were not too affected by the snow and are able to celebrate the holiday. Today I couldn't be bothered enough to dress up in a completely green outfit so I ended up sticking a green cable knit sweater over a sorority tshirt, leggings, and snow boots. I probably looked the epitome of a sorority girl in my barbour jacket and comfy staples but it was so cold outside, I went for warmth over fashion.

I do, however, love to dress up for any holiday and am sad I did not get into the St. Patrick's day spirit. Here are a few pieces and clothing items I wish I was sporting today.

st pattys

Did you dress up for today? Do you prefer to get festive for holidays or to treat them like any other day?


Great Winter To Spring Transition Pieces

 Friday, March 7, 2014

I don't know about you all but I am so sick of winter. Between the heavy coats, the snow, and having my hair freeze on the way to class, I am ready to trade in my winter clothing for something more appropriate for spring. 

Here are some new clothing items I am loving for the transition from winter to spring.


For the transition a dress with short, 3/4 sleeves, or long sleeve dresses offer a bit more warmth while the weather is still warming up. A shirtdress is a great option and you can always add tights or a cardigan to make dresses last longer in this transition.


Blouses are really in fashion and are growing in popularity. Flowy and satin-y shirts are popping up everywhere. The Lilly Elsa is my personal go-to but I also love using a peter pan blouse to combat both spring and winter. For winter I might layer the simple shirt under another sweater and for spring I can sport it on its own!


For these couple months a couple key bottom clothing items can make the transition even better. I love the idea of pairing a floral skirt with a sweater and tights and using it as a way to brighten up some winter duds. Leather leggings or a maxi skirt are also great and fashionable options. 

Who doesn't love buying new shoes? One of the best investment's I've made is my Ariat cowboy boots. Boots are great transitional pieces. Loafers and oxford shoes are also staples that you can wear in almost every season.

Those are some of my picks for items to buy for the transition to warmer weather. What are you purchasing as the weather is changing?


Branding: Make that photo YOURS!

 Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In the midst of all the post-oscars fashion I wanted to shift gears to a different fashion event: the Chanel 2014 fashion show in Paris.

It's no secret that I adore Chanel. From the classic perfume to the crossing c's, Chanel is iconic. Owning a piece from the designer means owning a piece of luxury. I am always excited what fun and exciting but still elegant and classy Chanel will come out with next. 

(Image from T&L)

I absolutely adore this picture of Rihanna in the new 2014 Chanel. Not only is she killing it with the purple look but she is owning this photo. 

This got me thinking, do we have the power to say something powerful about ourselves with just one turn of our head? Rihanna is portraying her fun & carefree vide in this still from her probably tedious photoshoot at the event. Any fan or even someone who did not know Rihanna prior to seeing this photo will now think of her in this way. That my friend is branding at its finest. 

So this week I encourage you to think about the way we are branding ourselves in the photos we take. Am I solidifying the sorority stereotype by popping the "skinny arm" or perfecting my "srat squat" or am I just showing my enthusiasm with the chapter I love? There is no right answer or way to brand yourself. Just something I'm thinking about on this lovely afternoon! 

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