What's New Wednesday? Modern Couples

 Wednesday, February 26, 2014

     This week Mashable published an article I wanted to share. I have to admit I am a bit of a marketing nerd and love to read Mashable daily. 

According to this article posted recently, 59% of couples who have been together less than 5 years share passwords. What better way to "move in" in today's world than by having joint accounts and passwords. 


Feb Update: Dress to Pin Fashion

 Friday, February 21, 2014

Hello wonderful and beautiful readers!

     I apologize for not posting more recently. In the beginning of January I became the chapter president of my sorority! I am a full time student and treat my education as my job and now on top of the academic commitment the sorority is occupying all of my once free time. 

     As president I make it a point to dress to pin whenever I can. For those of you who do not know what this is, each sorority has a badge or pin that comes with membership. Dressing to it means that you are dressed up nice enough to wear it. In my sorority we take this to mean no jeans/boots (although we do allow slacks) and to look nice. It's somewhat subjective so I decided to put together some different outfits I feel are up to pin standards.


This is a simple yet elegant way of dressing to pin. A nice skirt and blouse with somewhat dressy flats is perfect for the chapter member who is running to or from class! I am obsessed with this Alex & Ani sorority bracelet. 


There is something about a sorority chapter meeting that makes me want to dress uber-feminine. I love this short sleeved pink dress that is tailored but still very girly. The mint green accessories and shoes are trendy and current and the whole look is easy to throw together. 


This is a beautiful business casual outfit that works well for chapter. I love this two tone blouse and simple slacks. The nice thing about buying clothing that is business casual in college is that you will have it for a job after school. I am trying to incorporate more outfits like this into my chapter look. 

Are you in a sorority? Have you ever dressed to pin? If so what do you wear to your meetings?

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