5 Things I'd Rather Do Than Celebrate Halloween

 Thursday, October 31, 2013

     I go to a University where, during the school week, the big party night is Wednesday instead of the typical "Thirsty" Thursday. So unsurprisingly we celebrated our "Hallo-Wednesday" yesterday and all Halloween festivities were done before the actual 31st. This practice worked out well for the small college town we live in so the community can send their children out to trick or treat without the nuisance of drunk college students. However, this year I decided not to celebrate Halloween and decided to do something else.


     These last few weeks have been gruesome for me. Between midterms, interviews, elections, and group projects I have consistently gotten about 6 hours of a sleep a night. I am a 9 hour sleep kind of girl. Because of my shortage of sleep I have been feeling sick, have had less energy (duh), and have all around been a grumpier person.

    Because I am so happy with my decision to sleep, I came up with 5 things you can be doing rather than celebrating Halloween to make you all feel better choosing another option like I did.
  1. Catch up on homework/reading and finally get through some of the things on your to-do list.
  2. Watch a movie or watch the 8th season of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. (You know you want to)
  3. Spend a night with your friends or significant other and enjoy some calm in the midsts of one of the most hectic nights of the year.
  4. Go shopping (or online shopping) and treat yourself to something that you've been wanting for a while instead of spending money on a costume you will wear for a few hours.
  5. Sleep. 

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying my R&R!

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Review and Giveaway:: The Columbia Fragrance Company Candle

 Monday, October 28, 2013

     Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had an excellent weekend. It was Homecoming weekend here on campus so my weekend was pretty much nonstop dancing. As fun as it was I did not get through nearly enough of the work I had planned. That means that this week is going to be a killer!

     When I have a stressful week I try to make my work and home environment as de-cluttered and relaxing as possible. That means a clean state and lots of calming aromas. I love candles and look forward to starting a new scent and jar. I have been experimenting with candle brands lately and was so excited when The Columbia Fragrance Company offered to send me one as a review!

     To be completely honest there are so many candle makers out there that I had not heard of Columbia Fragrance Company. Once I visited their site however I did recognize their logo and products based on the design of the candle. 

     Columbia Fragrance Co. sells a variety of different scents ranging from kitchen aromas to garden and even music themed scents. My wishlist of scents included: Hawaiian Breeze, Orange Blossom, Pumpkin Chai Tea, Lavender Vanilla, Jack Frost and of course Rosemary & Mint. 

     I was so pleased when my first choice candle was in stock! I was so excited to smell Columbia Fragrance's Rosemary & Mint. The candle arrived super fast and was very well packaged.

     The candle arrived with lots of packaging stuffing and wrapped tightly in brown paper. Columbia Fragrance Co. also sent over instructions on how to correctly burn the candle. 

     I did not wait long before I burned my Rosemary & Mint Columbia Fragrance candle. For reference I chose a 8 oz size. The color is a blue green mix and the scent is so good! It definitely smells of both mint and rosemary leaves. I find the scent to be calming and fresh without a necessary tie to a season or holiday. This is the kind of candle that truly makes you feel relaxed and I felt that the candle was very scented. 

     I love the Rosemary & Mint candle and now I can't wait to try some of Columbia Fragrance's other scents. At $12 the price point for the 8 oz is reasonable and in line with other major candle companies. I would definitely recommend a purchase of one of their candles and if the scent sounds good to you try Rosemary & Mint- I love it!

     The Columbia Fragrance Company is nice enough to give one Preppy Student reader an 8 oz candle of their choice! The contest is up until November 10th! Don't miss your chance to win!


Friday Fancies: Pre-Halloween Fun!

 Friday, October 18, 2013

     Happy Friday! If your week was anything like mine you must be so glad that it is finally Friday! With midterms, applications, and just all around hectic-ness I cannot wait to get a minute to myself.

     This week I decided to put together a little pre-halloween outfit. Its cold and really starting to feel like fall. I love this little ghoul sweater and camel boot combination.

Untitled #124

     My sorority little made me a knitted infinity scarf last year and it is seriously the warmest thing I own. I am very into novelty sweaters this fall/winter and would love to wear this warm knit version. The skinny jeans and target purse are great classic shapes to own in your closet and I went a little cliched with the bat earrings. 

Would you wear an outfit so inspired by halloween? Do you think its cute or corny? Let me know!


Weekend Roundup

 Monday, October 14, 2013

     Hello Lovelies! Heres a little roundup of my weekend and a look towards this upcoming week. 

     This past weekend was fall break for my university. We all got two days off (Thursday & Friday) to catch up on work or to relax for the first time this semester. Usually I take the time to go home but this year it made more sense for me to stay. 

     On Thursday I spent the day relaxing and studying. My roommate got me hooked on One Tree Hill and I think I ended up watching all of season 5 on Thursday. Oops!

     For me, nothing is more calming than lighting a beautifully scented candle and reading. I curled up to a Jodi Picault book and burnt my Yankee Candle Lemon candle. 

     I had to make up a theater lab on Friday which consumed a lot of my morning. Thankfully I was able to paint for most of the lab and although I ruined a pair of yoga pants I much prefer painting to building sets! Speaking of yoga pants, check out your local costco! Costco has been selling really high quality yoga pants at a reasonable cost. I love them (and might have four pairs....)

     On Saturday I went with some friends to go apple picking by UVA. I haven't been apple picking in so long and the day with the girls was just what I needed. Plus we got some delicious thai food which I can't find in my small college town. 

     Finally last night I did all the work that I should've been doing all weekend. Its college what do you expect!

How was your weekend?


Road Trip! Music, Apps, and Podcasts

 Wednesday, October 2, 2013

     I am sorry I have been MIA lately. Between a family emergency and school I was busy this past weekend. I unfortunately had to make two seven hour car trips in four days! Crazy!

     Like all drivers who have to drive long distances by themselves its important to have good music, apps, and podcasts to alleviate the silence and help past time.

     I found myself really digging some old songs this car ride! I listened to Motown, Ella Fitzgerald, and some 80s jams. I categorized these into pump up and singalongs.

     Some of these sing-alongs were My Girl, You've Really Got a Hold On Me and even some Disney! While the Pump Up mix was made up of songs like Billie Jean, Love Shack, and Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. I try to pick songs that I know the words to or are more upbeat. 

     This is a new phenomenon for me but lately I have been turning to some apps whenever I am needed a stop. Obviously dont play around with your phone/tablet while your driving but if you are taking a break these are really handy!

     Gas Buddy finds the cheapest gas in the area. This is so convenient when you need a fill up. I hate buying gas only to realize that 5 miles down the as is cheaper! 

     Recently I have been turning to podcasts for when I am alone on a drive. My current favorites are:

     Go Bayside! This is a podcast all about Saved By The Bell. Each episode the main personality, April, gets a guest to come over and watch an episode of the series. After they finish watching the show they record the podcast and go over all the crazy and sometimes minute details. I used to love the show so this is especially funny to me. Its a great 1 hour podcast for any lovers or even acquaintances of the show.  

     Freaknomics Radio is a great podcast to listen to if you want to expand your mind or even just think of something differently. In general I find myself feeling smarter after listening to the podcast or just excited about minute correlations.

What do you recommend for long car rides? Any good playlists, apps, or even podcasts to suggest?

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