Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2013

 Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer has recently released their Spring 2013 line which is available immediately on their website. I have an immense loyalty to the designer and brand for many reasons. The bright colors and bold fabrics makes Lilly Pulitzer garments stand out but my favorite part about the brand? The clothing is well made and washes impeccably! Compared to clothing from many other brands my Lilly garments hold up better. Since I try to buy my Lilly on sale I find the prices to not be as outrageous as others- especially for special occasion dresses.

Here are my favorite looks from their Spring 2013 line:

Spring 2013 features some very vintage inspired pieces. The fabric is a bit more subdued in some cases and very vibrant in others. There is a huge range in this collection and I found that Lilly showcased some truly exquisite back detailing. 

What do you think of the Spring line?


Urban Decay Oz: The Great and The Powerful

 Saturday, January 26, 2013

Urban Decay has partnered with one of my favorite companies and the result is a limited edition collection that I cannot wait to see in stores! Disney is debuting a new movie, Oz: The Great and The Powerful. What better hype for the film then to debut it in the form of deeply pigmented palettes from one of the leading makeup companies.

Urban Decay has come out with two new palettes- The Theodora palette and The Glinda Palette

The palettes are $49.50 each and comes with six ALL NEW pan eyeshadows. Usually when Urban Decay makes these collections they reuse some of their more popular shades so you dont quite end up with all new shades so the fact that these are completely new shades is a great value!

The Theodora Palette is inspired by all the witches in Oz: The Great and The Poweful. Theodora is the darker and moodier palette with rich greens, browns and gold tones. This is a perfect palette for those with brown or blue eyes as the shadows will bring our your eye color. The palette comes with a black eye liner and a bright red super saturated lip color. 

The Glinda Palette is a collection of six different purples, peach, grey and brown shades. The palette is much softer and reflects what I imagine Glinda would wear. The palette comes with a purple eye liner and a super saturated lip color in a sheer nude. 

Overall I really like these two releases. I am a huge fan of Urban Decay and love the diversity in these two palettes. I would use Glinda for day and Theodora for night as far as my makeup routine goes. The pan size eyeshadows run $18 each so this is definitely a good value if you like enough of the shades. 

What do you think of the Oz collection?


Beauty Trends for Spring 2013

 Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On Monday I discussed some of the trends for Spring 2013 but I focused most of that effort to fashion. Trend reports extend not only to clothing but also to beauty and accessories.

Louis Vuitton's spring line featured thick brows and Edie Sedgwick inspired short dues. The designer incorporated very girly bow headbands that I will definitely be sporting this coming season.

Diane von Furtsenberg had a natural inspiration for their makeup for the spring 2013 runway, an inspiration I find that most of us do not use enough. There is a lot of beauty is sticking to makeup that enhances but doesnt change our original look.

3.1 Phillip Lim exhibited some strong mascara action with their models on the runway. The eyeshadows were kept to feminine shades and the eyelashes were clumpy and extreme in effect.

Nicole Miller was bold with their makeup and nail choices. Their nails were done in black with a silver design that can easily be re-created. Bold nail designs are a great way to show creativity if you are more of a classic and less fuss dresser.

On the contrary BCBG kept their model's nail clean and painted with a light feminine polish. Pink and nude polishes go perfectly with every outfit and keep your nails looking just that- polished!

What beauty and nail trends will you be sporting?


Trend Reports for Spring 2013

 Monday, January 21, 2013

Fashion is ever changing. As someone who is inspired by editorial and commercial fashion I look to trend reports to get an understanding of the looks that will soon infiltrate our markets. Although I tend to favor classic styles over pieces I deem "overly trendy" I do appreciate learning about designers inspiration for the latest lines.

So what can you expect from Spring 2013?


Many designers are featuring black and white basics which is a nice contrast (get it!) to the usual bold prints and bright colors found in typical spring collections. I think too much contrast can be a bit overwhelming but a little bit of stark contrasts makes a big difference! Im going to try to mix in some black and white patterns with a pop of color this spring.

Kate Spade 2013
Banana Republic 2013


Sheer items are really in this spring. Personally I think transparent fabrics can border on tacky very quickly. Even saying that, I do own a couple of pieces with sheer elements such as a transparent sleeve. 

3.1 Phillip Lim 2013

Patchworks and other collages are part of the trend report for Spring 2013. As a fan of everything madras, I am interested to see what kind of designs will come about because of this inspiration. 

Proenza Schouler

My favorite trend: Ruffles!

I am obsessed with the uber-girly and feminine flounces that will be showing up this season. Ruffles are a great way to spice out an otherwise simple outfit and there are so many places to show them off in an outfit- on a skirt, top, or even sleeve. 

Chloe Spring 2013

So what trend are you most looking forward to seeing this Spring?


For girls going through Rush

 Friday, January 18, 2013

For those of you who do not know this already, I am a sorority girl. Joining my chapter of Pi Beta Phi was the best decision of my life. This year I am living in my sorority house and I love getting closer to my sisters. 

When I decided to go through Rush and join a Greek organization I tried to find out as much as I can before going through formal recruitment. What I found was that for the most part the recruitment is a very hush hush subject. Sure, it is easy to find information and stories about how great it is to be in a sorority but few know what it is like to get into one.

First of all, expect the unexpected. So much of rush does not make sense. As a freshman I had no idea what was going on and as someone on the other side, there is still so much that does not really make sense. I know my university uses a complicated program designed by a MIT student that basically turns every potential new member into a number and the numbers are computed into a sequence that help match students and sororities in the most mutually beneficial way. Get it? If your struggling- don't worry most of us don't understand either. The system basically moves around students after both the greek organizations and the students put in their preferences for that night. The outcomes aren't always perfect and sometimes people are upset with how it all turns out. At my school most students who participate in rush get a bid from a house but I know that in larger universities, specifically in the south- this is not always the case. 

Recruitment is a difficult time for many participants because it feels like constant judgement. Even with my positive attitude it was hard for me to go through rounds knowing I was being judged. So here is my advice to all of you out there who is going to embark and join a greek organization.

Be Yourself. It's simple and sweet but the key to recruitment. I cannot tell you how many times I have taken a girl out on a rush date and realized that they are so scared by the prospect of being judged that they transform into the kind of person they think I want them to be. That is simply not the case. The whole point of rush is to get to know sororities and on the other side the point for us to take girls on rush dates and to recruitment parties is to get to know the girl and see if the sorority is a good match. We want the girls to feel comfortable and themselves with us. Coming off as artificial is probably the biggest mistake you can make during rush. 

The last thing I want to say is that if you should receive more than one bid on the last night or have a decision to make as to which house to pref think selfishly. This is not the moment to think of your friends and how they would feel but to think about yourself and choose a house you would be comfortable in the for the next four years. Try not to take into consideration the "rep" of each sorority on campus. Reputation is not everything and sometimes you will find that the so called ditzy sorority contains some of the smartest ladies on campus. Pick the house that feels like home, join a sorority with the girls you would want to represent you, and enter through recruitment with no expectations as to how your week will turn out.


Rainy Day

 Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The weather has truly been all over the place lately. Less than a week ago it was in the 70s where I live but these last two days its been nonstop rain and the temperature is in the 40s and 50s. Tomorrow it is projected that my college will get a couple inches of snow and honestly I could not be less happy. I am an anti-snow kind of girl so I would gladly take rain over a snowstorm.

There are just so many more ways to look fashionable in the snow than the rain. That reason alone probably makes me seem vain but I'm being honest! Id much prefer to dress and walk around in the rain than snow. Rain-boots and umbrellas? So cute! Snowsuits and really puffy jackets? Just not as flattering. 



I just love that pair of classic yellow hunter rainboots and will most likely be buying that teal Charlotte Russe pair. What a deal! The kate spade umbrella is something I would be happy to tote around on a stormy day, the pop of color would be sure to cheer me up. Do you have favorite rain gear? Do you prefer snow or rain? Let me know!


Winter Cleaning and DIYS!

 Sunday, January 6, 2013

What were your new years resolutions? One of mine was to keep my closet and possessions organized and clean this coming year. So behold, Winter Cleaning secrets!

If you fold your clothes to be vertical in dressers, not only will you save space but you can see your clothing more easily! I try to use this technique at school when space is an issue. 

Using a belt hanger for scarves save space and allow me to see my scarves more easily. I picked up a belt hanger for under $10 at marshalls and use it for all of my scarves. 

My sister recently concocted some amazing lip scrubs that cleanse and get rid of dead skin. Its a great idea to keep your skin hydrated and healthy in the cold months and what better way than a homemade scrub! 

Are you an avid jewelry collector like me? Did you know that paper towel holders make bracelet storage easy and decorative? Its nice to be able to see all your arm candy and still be easy to get to! The best part? The holders are easy to put on your table/ dresser and does not take up much space horizontally.

Do you have any tips or fun DIYS that you want to share?


12 Favorite Things from 2012

 Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! 

I wanted to compile a list of twelve of my favorite things from this past year.

12. My favorite lip gloss

I just recently bought a Buxom lip gloss from Sephora but it is already one of my favorite things from 2012. My roommate swears by these lip polishes that not only are pigmented in the prettiest colors but help your lips look healthy and fuller. I picked up Trixie which is a sparkling rose gold for a retail cost of $19. These lip glosses are quite large at .15 oz and well worth the spend. I would highly recommend buxom polishes for the color and the weird but cool tingle they make!

11. My Camelbak

I was never much of a water drinker. I drank water because it was good for me but I preferred other beverages. This year I bought myself my first Camelbak water bottle and immediately I was hooked. Something about the bite valve made me drink more water than I ever did before. At school I fill up my camelbak and within an hour I have finished the bottle. These make great gifts, are more eco-friendly, and come in great colors. I have the .75L size in a nice cherry red.

10. My Brush Set

When I came home for thanksgiving my mother surprised me with a premium brush set from Costco. This is probably the best brush set I have ever seen. I had barely any cosmetic brushes and was in desperate need of new tools and these were more than I could ask for. You never know what you'll find at a costco and I am so happy with this premium cosmetic brush set.

9. My Jack Rogers collection

In 2012 my Jack Rogers collection went from one pair of navajos to three pairs of navajos and two pairs of slim flats. Its safe to say that I am a jack girl. I wear the sandals all summer/spring and the flats all seasons. The leather the company uses is so plush and Its a treat to have them on my feet. 

8. My monogrammed Nike Shorts

In July I reviewed a pair of monogrammed nike shorts from Classic Prep Monograms and they have become a staple in my wardrobe. The bright pink color and the ease of the nike short make these the easiest item for me to grab to go to the gym. I always get compliments on the monogram and colors!

7. My Camera and Broward Patch Straps

The best gift I have ever received was my Cannon Rebel Xti. I have used the camera to take probably over ten thousand photos and it comes with me to every major outing. Broward Patch let me review a pair of there straps in September and I am still in awe of the Lilly fabric. 

6. My Patagonia Re-tool Hoodie

I finally pulled the plug and bought my first patagonia fleece. These jackets are so popular at my school and I never understood why. After owning one I can honestly say that these are unlike any other fleece I have ever owned. The patagonia quality is superb and my hoodie is so comfortable. I love my magenta color and am saving up for another fleece to add to my collection!

5. My Vera Bradley collection
In high school I was never the biggest fan of Vera Bradley. I liked a few patterns but did not like the fact that they were everywhere across the halls. Almost all of my friends had the villager tote and seeing the homogenous choice made me not want to purchase any vera. Then when I went to college I realized the quality of the duffels and started picking them up. The large size retails at $80 but I have bought them at outlets, ebay, and other venues for around $45. At that price they are completely affordable for the size and convenience for traveling.

4. My Ipad Case from the Preppy Ladybug

I am still in love with the ipad case I got from the Preppy Ladybug. I love that the case kind of looks like a book and the colors of my monogram and chevron background. The case is very sturdy and since I am always using my ipad I needed a protection that was both well made and fashionable and this fit the bill!

3. The Pi Beta Phi Lilly collection

I love my sorority and was so excited when Lilly Pulitzer released our sorority pattern. I had been voting every day for my sorority to win a print and I could not be happier with the beautiful design Lilly came out with. I might be biased but I truly believe that Pi Phi has the prettiest print from the sorority line!

2. My new Barbour Coat

My new Barbour coat topped this list this year. Although I just recieved it in December I had been planning for the arrival for many months before. It took me forever to decide what style I wanted and where to purchase the coat and now having it in my arms I know I made the right choice. Its the kind of coat I will wear for many years to come and I am so glad I splurged and bought it!

1. My friends and family and my lovely readers!

I just wanted to say thank you to all my friends and family and the wonderful people who take the time out of their day to read these posts. This has been a big year for the Preppy Student and I cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store!

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