End of 2013 Update! Marketing Favorites of 2013

 Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello Lovelies! 

     I apologize for the brief hiatus. These last couple weeks have been nothing but hectic for me. Between studying for finals, and then taking them, my focus was on my academics and I am pleased to say that this was my best semester yet at college. I made both Deans List and Honor Roll! (GPA >3.75) 
     Yet, as much as I am dedicated to my education I am disappointed in myself for letting The Preppy Student get the short hand. When I initially got into blogging I did it for the fashion and for the fun of getting noticed but now my reasons for blogging have changed. I am focused on my future and I hope to have a career in marketing. Now I blog not only for the reasons before but also to talk about marketing and how different social media and digital marketing strategies can affect our society.

     So as we get closer to 2014 I urge all of you to think of successful and interesting ways in which companies have marketed their products this year. 

Here were some of my favorite campaigns and strategies:

     I love love loved the Poo-Pourri commercial. Although I found it a little disturbing I have to admit this was probably the best use of marketing I have seen in a while. This is a commercial that people want to watch, it was passed around like a regular video! The product is clearly displayed and the viewer knows exactly what it is from both its name and its function. I don't know how new this idea is but with this campaign I was left feeling like I needed to buy one- if not just because of the video!

     One of the largest stories of the year was Will & Kate's pregnancy and birth of their son. Marketing played a large role in making this front-page news. Marketers are story tellers and this was certainly the story of the baby of the century. Kate marketed herself as an average woman (not affected by the royal fame) by coming out with her post-baby bump and William tried to market himself as the father of the year. 

     The Cheerios commercial above received some controversy over the company's choice to showcase a biracial family. Marketers sometimes fall into the trap of trying to promote what they think the consumer wants to see instead of what they think the company should be portraying. In the case of Cheerios, the company was just showing a typical family enjoying a box of Cheerios and marketed their product the same way they had before in any other commercial. Yet by choosing the actresses and actors they did the company was able to show that Cheerios is ready for the changing times and that society is in fact ready as well. 

Well there you have it! Some of my favorite marketing and advertisements of the year. What do you think was the best marketing move in 2013?


Fashion:: Lilly Pulitzer

 Saturday, December 28, 2013

     I think any Lilly Lover will agree that Lilly Pulitzer has a stable following of consumers. Since I started purchasing Lilly I have realized that my infatuation with the brand has little to do with the actual marketing of the current collections. The reason I am so excited for Lilly's newest collections and continue to wear the brand is because of the story of namesake Lilly Pulitzer. Lilly's original message and hopes in her creation of these fun frocks still plays true in the brand. 

     That all being said, I really do love the newest collection. The prints are very Lilly yet I do not find them as gaudy or as showy as other collections. I like that a lot of the designs are in blues and greens which is a nice change of pace for the company. 

Here are my picks from the most recent collection:

     I love the Cabana Top. I think the top is effortlessly chic and the idea of a shirt scarf is actually very classic. The gold chain collar and the slit in the back makes the blouse very modern. I really like that the print looks hand painted.

     The Margurite Caftgan is a piece that is perfect for a summer night or an evening on the beach. The dress just looks so comfortable and the colors are very on trend. I love the turquoise color and coral detailing. I just wish this dress was silk instead of polyester!

     The Thompson Shift is actually a dress I can see in Lilly's catalog from the 60's to now. I love the classic shift shape paired with the fun embellishments on the knee. Because of my shorter frame, at 5'3", I like the fact that this dress hits a couple inches above the model's knee and love the length of this dress.

These are only a few looks from the new Lilly collection. What do you guys think? Do you like the new arrivals?


Black Friday Shopping Haul

 Saturday, November 30, 2013

     I hope all of you enjoyed your Black Friday (and Thursday). Although the shopping day is technically not a holiday it is definitely one of my favorite days of the year. As an avid shopper I was determined to do some kind of midnight/early morning rush but was a bit disappointed when I realized I did not need anything in this years circulars. I ended up crashing on my father's excursion to the Microsoft store in one of our local malls. The whole place was packed! Crazy!

     He ended up with a dell computer and I ended up scoring a few necklaces for $1 at Claire's. Although the original price to the necklaces were over $10 the cashier rang them up as part of the 10 for $10 promotion so I ended up with 5 necklaces, combined with a worth of over $50, for a cool $5.50ish (with tax). 

     I then went to Annie Sez this morning to score some designer clearance items for a very low price. The retailer had a promotion where items on clearance were marked down to $5, $10, or $15 depending on their retail and previously marked down value. I picked up a beautiful Calvin Klein burgundy lace dress for $15 and a trendy juniors top for $5.

     This morning I went online to see if Anthropologie was having 50% off clearance again this year. Unfortunately the store's black friday promotion is 20% off its whole store (full & sale) which bummed out the bargain shopper in me. Regardless I made a trip down to the store and picked up some gorgeous tops and dresses. I am in love!

I fell in love with the Leia Peplum top. The sweetheart neckline and waist definition made this top a must for me.
     I finished my trip off with some board games at Target! Who doesn't love Jenga and Connect Four.

What did you score this Black Friday?


Black Friday 2013

 Thursday, November 28, 2013

     Hello my lovelies! Today I am thankful for all of the wonderful followers I have on this blog. When I decided to start blogging in high school I could have never imagined just how much I would grow and learn from the experience. 

     I decided to write a little roundup about some of the sales this Black Friday.

  • American Eagle has 50% off Online & In Store starting at 8pm today
  • Ann Taylor has 50% off cashmere in store
  • Anthropologie has an additional 50% sale items in store.
  • Claires has 75% off clearance in store
  • Forever 21 has 50% off items and will have clothing as low as $3!
  • Old Navy has 50% off all items in store
     These are a few of the stores I will be stopping by tomorrow. You never know what Claires will have with such a deep discount! I love Anthropologie clothing but rarely find anything on my budget so with the additional 50% I hope to pick up a few items! 

Are you shopping tomorrow or have you already started with the sales tonight?


Friday Fancies:: Plaid

 Friday, November 15, 2013

     Happy Friday! I hope you all had an excellent week and are looking forward to this weekend as much as I am. I have just one more week of class before going home for Thanksgiving break. The weather is changing and this might be the warmest weekend we will have for a while!

     Lately I have been really getting into sweater dresses. Large chunky knits and thick wools are the perfect fabric for these colder autumn/winter days. I especially love a slouchy style and find that a thin leather belt can be a very chic accessory for sweater dresses.


     This Friday Fancies theme was plaid and I chose to incorporate the pattern as a scarf to this simple beige look. Those awesome boots are actually from Target and have a price tag of less than $40! I love the buckle at the ankle and think they look a lot more expensive. 

     I finished the look with beige nail polish and a combination of bracelets and watches. I think watches are definitely making a comeback and they can be a nice addition to a bangle stack. 

How do you wear plaid? Do you like the sweater dress look?


News:: Moscow's Squat For Ticket Program

 Wednesday, November 13, 2013

     With obesity rates increasing around the globe Moscow has instituted a new incentive to get their citizens fit. A special vending machine has been put inside the entrance ways to the Moscow subway system. At these machines a user has the opportunity to complete 30 squats in two minutes for the prize of winning a free subway ticket.

     Although the ticket, which users are trying to gain by doing exercise, is worth less than $1 US dollar I really appreciate the fact that this is a creative and relatively painless way to incentives subway riders. 

     I am sure that most of you have heard about this by now and I am not trying to inform you about this story. Instead I urge you all to consider how ideas like this one can change the way we conduct daily activities. What if your office job allowed you to get 10 extra minutes at work in exchange for doing some push ups? Sounds ridiculous but in the end these little challenges can push ourselves to be healthier individuals. 

What do you think about exercise incentives? Do you think the subway ticket is effective or just cute? Let me know below!


Review:: Ageless Derma Mineral Blush

 Monday, November 4, 2013

     Happy Monday everyone. I don't know about all of you but I had one fantastic weekend. My sorority had a philanthropy event on friday and I helped out from 8pm-2:30am! I believe the event was a total success and we couldn't have done it without our amazing Vice President of Philanthropy. Then, on Saturday, the sorority had a formal and I was set up with a blind date. We had a blast and was able to get some much needed R&R yesterday with the extra hour.

That basically sums up my weekend!

     I have to admit I am not a makeup junkie. I do like putting on makeup and collecting new colors and shades of lipstick, blushes, and eyeshadows but I have yet to become a pro at applying said products. 

     Lately I have been experimenting more and more with powder makeup options. My foundation is a powder from Urban Decay and I have some great powder eyeshadows. But, I had yet to find a blush powder I liked. 

     Ageless Derma set up a collaboration with Tomoson and I was able to receive a mineral blush from their collection to review. I received the shade Sherry.

     The blush came in a little square packaging and shipped very fast. The net weight at 6g is a standard size and it came in a little compact. 

     I love that the Ageless Derma product is not tested on animals. The reason I have lately switched to minerals powders is that they are more natural and I find that I break out less using them. Ageless Derma is made 100% of natural minerals! 

     When I first took the compact out of the box I did not think I would like the shade. Upon opening it and applying I love Sherry. Its kind of a red-rose color and it definitely brights up my cheeks. I applied it with a Kabuki blush and found the pigment to be very strong and easy to apply.

     All in all I definitely like the Ageless Derma mineral blush. I love that the product is all natural and that the blush is very pigmented. I like Sherry a lot and am glad I have this in my collection. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


5 Things I'd Rather Do Than Celebrate Halloween

 Thursday, October 31, 2013

     I go to a University where, during the school week, the big party night is Wednesday instead of the typical "Thirsty" Thursday. So unsurprisingly we celebrated our "Hallo-Wednesday" yesterday and all Halloween festivities were done before the actual 31st. This practice worked out well for the small college town we live in so the community can send their children out to trick or treat without the nuisance of drunk college students. However, this year I decided not to celebrate Halloween and decided to do something else.


     These last few weeks have been gruesome for me. Between midterms, interviews, elections, and group projects I have consistently gotten about 6 hours of a sleep a night. I am a 9 hour sleep kind of girl. Because of my shortage of sleep I have been feeling sick, have had less energy (duh), and have all around been a grumpier person.

    Because I am so happy with my decision to sleep, I came up with 5 things you can be doing rather than celebrating Halloween to make you all feel better choosing another option like I did.
  1. Catch up on homework/reading and finally get through some of the things on your to-do list.
  2. Watch a movie or watch the 8th season of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. (You know you want to)
  3. Spend a night with your friends or significant other and enjoy some calm in the midsts of one of the most hectic nights of the year.
  4. Go shopping (or online shopping) and treat yourself to something that you've been wanting for a while instead of spending money on a costume you will wear for a few hours.
  5. Sleep. 

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying my R&R!

Also check out the Columbia Fragrance candle giveaway here.


Review and Giveaway:: The Columbia Fragrance Company Candle

 Monday, October 28, 2013

     Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had an excellent weekend. It was Homecoming weekend here on campus so my weekend was pretty much nonstop dancing. As fun as it was I did not get through nearly enough of the work I had planned. That means that this week is going to be a killer!

     When I have a stressful week I try to make my work and home environment as de-cluttered and relaxing as possible. That means a clean state and lots of calming aromas. I love candles and look forward to starting a new scent and jar. I have been experimenting with candle brands lately and was so excited when The Columbia Fragrance Company offered to send me one as a review!

     To be completely honest there are so many candle makers out there that I had not heard of Columbia Fragrance Company. Once I visited their site however I did recognize their logo and products based on the design of the candle. 

     Columbia Fragrance Co. sells a variety of different scents ranging from kitchen aromas to garden and even music themed scents. My wishlist of scents included: Hawaiian Breeze, Orange Blossom, Pumpkin Chai Tea, Lavender Vanilla, Jack Frost and of course Rosemary & Mint. 

     I was so pleased when my first choice candle was in stock! I was so excited to smell Columbia Fragrance's Rosemary & Mint. The candle arrived super fast and was very well packaged.

     The candle arrived with lots of packaging stuffing and wrapped tightly in brown paper. Columbia Fragrance Co. also sent over instructions on how to correctly burn the candle. 

     I did not wait long before I burned my Rosemary & Mint Columbia Fragrance candle. For reference I chose a 8 oz size. The color is a blue green mix and the scent is so good! It definitely smells of both mint and rosemary leaves. I find the scent to be calming and fresh without a necessary tie to a season or holiday. This is the kind of candle that truly makes you feel relaxed and I felt that the candle was very scented. 

     I love the Rosemary & Mint candle and now I can't wait to try some of Columbia Fragrance's other scents. At $12 the price point for the 8 oz is reasonable and in line with other major candle companies. I would definitely recommend a purchase of one of their candles and if the scent sounds good to you try Rosemary & Mint- I love it!

     The Columbia Fragrance Company is nice enough to give one Preppy Student reader an 8 oz candle of their choice! The contest is up until November 10th! Don't miss your chance to win!


Friday Fancies: Pre-Halloween Fun!

 Friday, October 18, 2013

     Happy Friday! If your week was anything like mine you must be so glad that it is finally Friday! With midterms, applications, and just all around hectic-ness I cannot wait to get a minute to myself.

     This week I decided to put together a little pre-halloween outfit. Its cold and really starting to feel like fall. I love this little ghoul sweater and camel boot combination.

Untitled #124

     My sorority little made me a knitted infinity scarf last year and it is seriously the warmest thing I own. I am very into novelty sweaters this fall/winter and would love to wear this warm knit version. The skinny jeans and target purse are great classic shapes to own in your closet and I went a little cliched with the bat earrings. 

Would you wear an outfit so inspired by halloween? Do you think its cute or corny? Let me know!


Weekend Roundup

 Monday, October 14, 2013

     Hello Lovelies! Heres a little roundup of my weekend and a look towards this upcoming week. 

     This past weekend was fall break for my university. We all got two days off (Thursday & Friday) to catch up on work or to relax for the first time this semester. Usually I take the time to go home but this year it made more sense for me to stay. 

     On Thursday I spent the day relaxing and studying. My roommate got me hooked on One Tree Hill and I think I ended up watching all of season 5 on Thursday. Oops!

     For me, nothing is more calming than lighting a beautifully scented candle and reading. I curled up to a Jodi Picault book and burnt my Yankee Candle Lemon candle. 

     I had to make up a theater lab on Friday which consumed a lot of my morning. Thankfully I was able to paint for most of the lab and although I ruined a pair of yoga pants I much prefer painting to building sets! Speaking of yoga pants, check out your local costco! Costco has been selling really high quality yoga pants at a reasonable cost. I love them (and might have four pairs....)

     On Saturday I went with some friends to go apple picking by UVA. I haven't been apple picking in so long and the day with the girls was just what I needed. Plus we got some delicious thai food which I can't find in my small college town. 

     Finally last night I did all the work that I should've been doing all weekend. Its college what do you expect!

How was your weekend?


Road Trip! Music, Apps, and Podcasts

 Wednesday, October 2, 2013

     I am sorry I have been MIA lately. Between a family emergency and school I was busy this past weekend. I unfortunately had to make two seven hour car trips in four days! Crazy!

     Like all drivers who have to drive long distances by themselves its important to have good music, apps, and podcasts to alleviate the silence and help past time.

     I found myself really digging some old songs this car ride! I listened to Motown, Ella Fitzgerald, and some 80s jams. I categorized these into pump up and singalongs.

     Some of these sing-alongs were My Girl, You've Really Got a Hold On Me and even some Disney! While the Pump Up mix was made up of songs like Billie Jean, Love Shack, and Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. I try to pick songs that I know the words to or are more upbeat. 

     This is a new phenomenon for me but lately I have been turning to some apps whenever I am needed a stop. Obviously dont play around with your phone/tablet while your driving but if you are taking a break these are really handy!

     Gas Buddy finds the cheapest gas in the area. This is so convenient when you need a fill up. I hate buying gas only to realize that 5 miles down the as is cheaper! 

     Recently I have been turning to podcasts for when I am alone on a drive. My current favorites are:

     Go Bayside! This is a podcast all about Saved By The Bell. Each episode the main personality, April, gets a guest to come over and watch an episode of the series. After they finish watching the show they record the podcast and go over all the crazy and sometimes minute details. I used to love the show so this is especially funny to me. Its a great 1 hour podcast for any lovers or even acquaintances of the show.  

     Freaknomics Radio is a great podcast to listen to if you want to expand your mind or even just think of something differently. In general I find myself feeling smarter after listening to the podcast or just excited about minute correlations.

What do you recommend for long car rides? Any good playlists, apps, or even podcasts to suggest?


Spotlight:: J. Crew New Arrivals For Fall!

 Monday, September 23, 2013

Every so often a store just gets it right. 
This fall that store is J.Crew.

      J. Crew's fall collection is one of the most cohesive, fashion forward, yet simply elegant collections I have seen in a long time. Retailers are pushing more and more for trendy items but I have reluctance purchasing any product that will soon be out of style. 

      The highlight of the collection are the fall sweaters. There are so many different styles; some are novelty prints, others are heavy wools but regardless the sweaters are on trend but classic. At the retail of $100+ most of them are out of my price range. I am really hoping that they eventually either go on sale or are moved to the outlets!

Here are some of my top picks from the collection:

Untitled #120

Untitled #121

         I love the houndstooth and leather textures across the collection. The dark and warm colors like camel and burgundy set the stage for this fall. The boots are just gorgeous and I am excited to see that they now come in both regular and extended calf. I also love the fact that all the sweaters can be monogrammed! 

Are you liking J.Crew's new fall collection? What is on your wishlist?


Fall Wishlist!

 Friday, September 20, 2013

This week the Friday Fancies link up was all about Fall Wishlists! I put together this little picture of some of the items I am loving for fall.

Untitled #119

         I love the new colorblock Hunter Rain boots. Its constantly raining and a good pair of rain boots are a staple for fall. The barbour coat is waterproof and is the perfect weight for colder fall nights. 

         I adore a nice thick infinity scarf and cannot resist a scarf with fall colors. Doesn't that circle scarf just look like autumn?

         J.Crew came out with some awesome sweaters for fall. I love this thick grey one with pockets and the red with butterflies. A pop of red is a really chic way to dress up in fall. 

         If I had an unlimited budget, I would definitely purchase these Tory Burch boots. I love the streamlined design and the size of the emblem. They are definitely a splurge but I feel like if your going to splurge than boots are the way to go! They are a basic for fall and these are so rich and luxurious looking. 

         Maybe its because I'm a Pi Phi but I cannot get enough of the arrow jewelry. I also love this tweed skirt for fall, it would look great alone or with tights and boots! Its thick enough that it fits the weather but short enough that it doesnt overwhelm the wearer.

What are you coveting this fall?


New Windows 8 Apps!

 Thursday, September 19, 2013

As you all know I love my Surface tablet. Whenever I see new apps that I can download to my device its like a mini christmas!

My surface!

Imagine how happy I was to see all of the Halloween themed apps you can download as the holiday approaches! 

Now that I have an off campus house I am excited about having some pumpkins on my doorstep. The only problem is that I am a terrible carver. I am loving this Carving App which lets me look at designs and tips to how to carve professionally for free!

The weather is changing so fast. Last week was beautiful but this past weekend was so cold! Not only do I have to now dress appropriately for the changing climate but I feel like I also change my eating habits  Goodbye ice cream and hello soup! I found that the app Pepperplate makes my grocery shopping so much easier and its like a pinterest of all things food! 

Right now my sorority pledge class is still deciding on what group costume we will choose. Some of the top contenders are Flight Attendants, Football Players, and even Fisherman and Fish! Getting 30+ women to agree on any costume is hard but I honestly love Halloween and cant wait to see what we wear.

I really wanted our pledge class to be Peas In a Pod but alas the idea was shut down. I guess peas arent feminine or sexy? Oh well!

Have you decided what your going to be for Halloween? Have you picked up any new apps for the holiday or weather?


Surprise! Kate Spade sale!

 Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This morning I awoke to find that Kate Spade had released yet another one of their notorious Surprise Sales. These flash sales feature popular items up to 75% off! 

Last time around I scored a Minka bag that I toted all summer. The sale is only up until tomorrow so if you see something you like Id suggest going for it!

My favorites from this sale?

Cobble Hill Medium Serena in Tan. I am obsessed with shoulder bags with just one strap. Maybe my proportions are just slightly petite but whenever I buy a bag with two straps one always falls off. This medium bag is classy yet preppy and chic. I love the gold chains on the handle.  The leather is luxurious and at a price of $129 vs the original of $299 its a great deal!

The Bow Shoppe Harmony Baby Bag is another one of my favorites. Although I do not have a baby and therefore would not use this as a baby bag, the size and shape is perfect for a school bag. I love the colors and pattern of this larger tote.

Every so often Kate Spade comes up with some novelty items that I always get a kick out of. This sale the bag is a Wordsmith Dictionary clutch. I absolutely adore the witty style of this bag! The brown leather is actually very pretty and I could see myself carrying this around. The only problem? These novelty items are always insanely overpriced in my opinion so at a retail of $349 I would have never snapped this up. Now at $149 I am still uncertain but I do love this novelty bag. 

Did you shop the sample sale? What do you think of these bags? Would you rock the dictionary clutch?


Tailgating Chic!

 Friday, September 13, 2013

It's football season and you know what that means! Tailgating!


I really like this simple chevron shift dress with orange statement necklace. The silver rope wedges from target are great for late summer/ early fall!

What do you wear at a tailgate?


Things I Love: Debenhams's New Lookbook

 Thursday, September 12, 2013

Debenhams is a British retailer who recently released a Lookbook composed of their fashions on a variety of different models. These models were women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. When I saw these photos I was inspired. The fashion industry is one which rarely promotes the latest fashions on a women sized 12 or even size 8.

I love the photos and wanted to share them with you all.

I know these are for summer 2013 and have been out for a few months but I still think they are worth a look. I hope more companies go this direction and make fashion more accessible.

I honestly wonder why we dont see more ads like these. These beautiful women ARE modeling the clothes they are in and seeing apparel on real bodies allows you to see how they will look when you purchase them. 

What do you think about the Lookbook? Would you buy the clothing these women are modeling or do you prefer the ads with fashion models?


Review:: L'Oreal Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Shampoo & Conditioner

 Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ever since my hair was cut shorter than I would've liked I have been noticing that my new do has been sporting unwanted frizz. When my hair was longer, the length and sheer weight of my locks prevented my hair from becoming as thick and frizzy. Unfortunately the length combined with the heat has left uncontrollable frizz.

Enter L'Oreal Smooth Intense formula. I recently found a coupon (here) for $5 off two products. At my local walmart the L'Oreal Advanced Haircare shampoos and conditioners are sold for $3.99 (maybe that price means it is on sale?) making both the shampoo and conditioner together $3 after the coupon. With that deal I decided to give the products a try!

I love the Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense products I purchased! The Shampoo smells amazing and I think it works really well. My hair feels smooth and less frizzy using it even when combined with my go-to Tresemme conditioner. The only complaint I have with the formula is that it is a little bit on the thin side but I don't find it too runny. I love the smell!

I like the Smooth Intense conditioner a lot! I am not sure it will ultimately replace my beloved Tresemme but I think it works really well side by side the Smooth Intense Shampoo. This might be the kind of product where you need to buy both the Shampoo and Conditioner for it to really work. I feel like my hair is salon light and I have definitely noticed a difference in the amount of frizz I have been sporting.

If you would like to try this product without spending any money you can go to L'Oreal's website and apply for a free sample! (I did because I cannot resist any freebie :) )

With the coupon I am very glad I purchased them both! The products are new and I wish they came out with more varieties of L'Oreal Advanced Haircare. I would rate this product a solid 4 out of 5 and with the current coupons ($2 off any one and $5 off any two) I might just stock up on these. 

Have you tried any of L'Oreal's new Advanced Haircare line?

*The product was purchased with my own money and  the post reflects my own personal opinions*


Friday Fancies: Autumn Transition

 Friday, September 6, 2013

When the weather starts to change its important to rework some summer pieces into your fall wardrobe. This is a transition I sometimes struggle with given that most of my summer wardrobe is bright pink with flowers (Lilly). I love this round of Friday Fancies because its all about making the transition into Autumn.

Untitled #117

I have an anchor tank top that I love. A swingy and breezy top like the one above is great over white shorts and paired with flip flops in the summer. For fall I do not feel like you have to give up the fun nautical vibe just because less and less people are going to the beach and boating. Pairing the tank with stripes and red pants only accentuates the trend and the cool oxfords make the outfit very fall.

I hope you all have an amazing Friday!


Amazon Deals! Happy Wednesday!

 Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I am a bargain shopper to the core. Combined with my shopaholic tendencies I end up purchasing way too much because I cannot resist a good deal. I decided to round up some great deals in the hopes that by sharing them I will gain the will power not to buy all of them. *sigh* I hope I can live vicariously through all my readers and their shopping trips. 

Some of these Rubberized iPhone 5 cases are only $2.50 with free shipping on Amazon! They are just as protective as some cases with much higher price tags. The colors are cute and with that price they are a steal. 

I love this green necklace. For only $1.50 with free shipping this is such a steal! I love the shade of green and the geometric shape. 

This handbag organizer is only $3.42 shipped. I am always misplacing things in my purse. An insert like this would be so handy and for that price its a great deal! 

Happy Wednesday!

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