The Clean-up

 Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I hope everyone had an awesome christmas that was shared with all their loved ones. I mentioned a week ago my big present- my barbour coat and I am happy to say that the coat was all I wanted this year! I couldnt be happier. 

Please don't throw away your presents. Preserve the beautiful wrapping paper it was wrapped with so you can not only clean up but make some pretty DIY's with the leftovers.

What did you get this year for Christmas?


Winter Inspiration

 Sunday, December 23, 2012

Its only a couple days before Christmas and I am sure you are feeling the holiday spirit! Just to make you get even more into the mood today's post is just inspiration of how to spend the holiday.

Christmas Party With Indressme.Com
I love this green shirtdress and red jeweled necklace! Its unexpected and so Christmas-y.

These snowmen cookies are the cutest. They look simple to make and are different from the regular holiday cookies. These would be a hit among any christmas party!

These little pups are truly enjoying their holiday and I had to include this cute little gif of them.

Merry Christmas!


Technology for the Holidays

 Thursday, December 20, 2012

Its the week before Christmas and I know everyone is searching high and low for that perfect gift for the ones they love. As a college student, I know that the best gift you can give someone in school is better technology!

I use my computer for everything! I dont think I can think of a day recently where I havent spent time next to my laptop, ipod, ipad, or camera. It seems that our whole society is technology infatuated and frankly I couldnt be happier.

So without further ado here are my picks for that Technology Lover or Student

A new laptop!

Microsoft recently launched Windows 8 and among the new line of computers was the Dell XPS 12. This is a convertible pc which means it is both a laptop and a tablet. You get the best of both words! As a proud user of both a tablet and laptop I couldn't imagine how easy it would be to have both devices in one. 

I went to my local best buy to check out all the new tech and I was seriously impressed with Windows 8. Just the fact that the computers are touch screen is cool let alone the awesome customizable tile background.

Even though people are starting to use the cameras on their iphones over a traditional lens I would reccomend buying a handheld camera. I think there is a big difference in the quality between a nice camera and a phone camera and that cameras make wonderful presents for all your loved ones. I really like this Nikon Coolpix 59300 model!

Does your tech-y already have an iphone? Then get him/her an otterbox! A well made case offers protections for there precious device that is just not paralleled, and with all the different otterbox color schemes there is definitely a design for you!

What are you buying your tech geek this Christmas?


 Monday, December 17, 2012

About a week ago, Village Palm in MI was having a super sale where leftover fall lilly was 75% off just for the day.

75% of Lilly? Thats a steal! So I went a little overboard on impulse shopping.

I couldn't be happier with my purchases:

I picked up a Murfee Infinity Loop Scarf in Happy Snails

I picked out the Audrey Top in Bocce and the Hart Top in Tusk in Sun

Somerset Dress in Passion Pink and the Calia Dress in Bright Navy Garden

I got all of these for 75% off so when I did the math not only did I save hundreds of dollars but I ended up with Lilly Pulitzer items for less than the average retail prices of forever 21 or old navy!


Latest Purchases

 Saturday, December 15, 2012

I am officially done with finals! I am so sorry it got so hectic and I could not post as much as I wanted to this week. 

I arrived home after a long drive to find that my christmas present was waiting for me to wear.

My parents were sweet enough to get me a Barbour Beadnell coat!

They ordered the coat from JulesB in the UK and were able to save money with the reduced price when you buy a barbour in pounds. It might be the only item that is actually cheaper in Europe! 

I am in love with the Barbour coat. When I first saw these coats I thought they were overpriced and boring in style but now that I have one of my own I know the superb quality isnt paralleled in any other coat I own. The wax is heavy and warm while at the same time light enough for me to layer under. 

I picked the sage green color but it was hard choosing from Rustic and Navy. Barbour of London has a couple different collection of coats but I prefer the timeless style of the Beadnell and Bedale.  

What do you think of Barbour Coats? Have you heard of them? Do you have one?


Girly Gifts under $25

 Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Today I am posting a couple of girly gifts under $25. For some weird reason one-piece pajamas are really in, but I am not going to fight the trend- I think its hysterical! I am loving that stila lipgloss set for $25 (valued at $110!)

Untitled #77


Vera Bradley Sale!

 Saturday, December 8, 2012

I woke up this morning only to be surprised to find out that Vera Bradley is on sale today at Rue La La. I am a huge Vera fan- not so much for the elaborate prints but for the quality of their products. 

I ended up picking up the Vera Essential Cosmetics Bag in Rhytm and Blues for $15.90 as opposed to the usual $38.

I have already bought something this month so my shipping was free. The way the company runs their shipping policy is that it is a flat rate $10 for 30 days!

I love Rue La La and check out the site often. Not a member? Sign up here!

What are your feelings on Vera Bradley? Do you own any vera products?


$25 Novelty Gifts

 Friday, December 7, 2012

Finding the perfect gift for someone who likes quirky and nontraditional things can be hard, but I have put together a couple items that will knock the socks off of any novelty lover.

novelty under $25

From a sock monkey umbrella to a How I Met Your Mother ducky tie, there is certainty something about the perfect novelty present. I love the food face plate, it reminds me of those old magnetic face games with the pencil. If only I wore glasses I would be sure to grab that hilarious eye glasses holder. The bottle opener iphone case is also an ingenious invention.

What novelty gifts are you buying this holiday season?


Gifts for the Sentimental Under $25

 Thursday, December 6, 2012

With less than a month before Christmas I am going to be compiling a list of great gifts for your loved ones! 

Every day I will be posting a different gift guide. Today I am starting with perfect gifts to give to those Sentimental people in your life. All of these awesome presents are under $25.

Untitled #75

Start with a personalized stocking or a love bracelet. I am obsessed with travel stub and ticket stub diaries so you can keep all your precious souvenirs from trips safe in little journals. A custom calendar or iphone case is a great way to share some memories this holiday season. My personal favorite? The scratch world map so you can track of all the places you've been!

Do you have any person in your life you would consider to be very sentimental? What are you getting them this holiday season?


Neiman Marcus For Target

 Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Neiman Marcus for Target Collection came out this morning. The collection is made up of different pieces of clothing, accessories, decor, travel, and homewear.

I am so close to pulling the plug on the Tory Burch thermos and lunch box. I know that my use for these items are limited but I am just obsessed with the tory blue print on the two items.

Did you cave in and buy anything from the collection?

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