What is on your list?

 Thursday, November 29, 2012

With only two and a half weeks until Christmas break, my whole university is starting to figure out what they want this year for the holidays. 

My top ten picks?


To be honest, I really only want the barbour coat (#1) but I wouldnt be unhappy with any of the other items on this list. How cute is the You Gotta Regatta cooler? I have been told over and over again that this will be a cold winter and I need to prepare as best as I can with patagonia fleece's and new winter boots. So what if they happen to be leather cowboy boots? Not all the items on my wishlist are expensive, some little things like a christmas smelling candle made my list this year. 

What are you wishing for this holiday season?


Black Friday!

 Sunday, November 25, 2012

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and made out like a bandit on Black Friday!

This holiday was very low-key for me. I had a paper to write and there wasnt anything in particular I needed to wait in lines for.

Black friday shopping is almost tradition for me. I love the thrill of the early morning lines and deals. This year, however, I skipped early Friday shopping and instead started earlier on Thursday. I hit up my local outlet mall.

Here is what I got:
black friday

I have come to the point where my closet is made up of purely bold prints. My style favors feminine florals, bright novelty prints and I do not usually wear plain colors. One of my favorite looks in the winter is a plain outfit and colorful scarf but unfortunately I do not have that many basics to create that kind of outfit. So when I found these three basic pieces on super sale at J.Crew's outlet on Thursday I picked them up.

This J.Crew Wool Sweater Dress came out to a cool $30. Its very warm and practical. Every year I find it harder and harder to find fashion forward sweater dresses that are flattering. When I spotted this simple but stunning dress I knew I needed it in my closet! I plan on wearing it with a skinny belt, some flats and a colorful murfee!

outfit 2

Some of my favorite basic tops come from J.Crew. I find their tees to be so comfortable. On Black Thursday I picked up this top for $8. Its a lovely color that looks good with both black and brown so I have a lot of options as to styling it this winter. I love the look of tucking it into a black skirt with tights and boots. As you can see I am very into scarves this season!

What did you pick up this black Friday? 


Fair Isle Sweaters

 Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

I am lucky enough to have this whole week off of school and I have really enjoyed my time at home. On breaks I always seem to end up shopping. As most of you know I attend a college in the middle of a fashion desert. The best store in my town is Walmart! So it is not a surprise that when I come back up north I try to absorb all the fashion and shopping I can.

I went out shopping yesterday and was so happy that one of my favorite items for winter is trendy again.

Fair Isle Sweaters. 

I cant get enough of the warm and so winter-y knits. Fair Isle is a knitting technique that has been popular since a Prince stepped out in the style in the 1920s. The patterns have stayed classic and in style but many of the newer designs are also modern and very chic.

I just love this year's batch of Fair Isle Sweaters.

Untitled #70

Do you like Fair Isle sweaters? Will you be sporting a few this year? Let me know!


Scarf Swap

 Monday, November 19, 2012

I can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving break. These last few weeks have been so hectic. Sometimes a girl just has to go back home to relax! 

Lindsey from Creatively Classy organized an awesome scarf swap that I just had to participate in!

The lovely Amy from http://www.amyandjpgougler.blogspot.com/ sent me this beautiful scarf.

Isnt it gorgeous? I told her my preferences and somehow she found this amazing scarf which is perfect for me. The pink and grey colors are so lovely with most of my wardrobe (I tend to favor the color pink- no surprise!) and the lightweight fabric is very breathable for both fall and winter. 

Thank you Amy!


Shop Lure

 Sunday, November 11, 2012

Good morning everyone!

I am a true online shopper. Since I live in such a small town where the go-to store is Walmart I tend to get all my fashion needs on the Internet. From dresses to shoes I can always find something I want to buy. Beyond normal online retail stores I like to browse sample sales and most recently online Flash Jewelry sales. 

You might have seen me tweet and post about a new jewelry auction called Lure. A lovely- and very fashion forward- student recently created Lure and I know the  jewelry auction site is going to be the next best thing. 

What are jewelry auctions? 

Every Sunday beautiful new pieces of jewelry will be available in limited quantities on Lure's facebook page.  The jewelry is all excellently priced and on trend. The prices listed even includes shipping and make the best presents. 

I have been very impressed with the previews for this week's auction. The auction starts at 8pm EST tonight and I know I will be trying to get myself one of the beautiful pairs of earrings Lure is selling. Just look at them!

This ring/earring collection is just darling. I find it hard to find yellow stones that are flattering on a range of skin tones but Lure's citrus collection would work on so many different skin tones. Yellow jewelry pacts the perfect punch in fall/winter outfits.

Lure has a few of the ever popular bubble necklaces so if you have not found your perfect strand yet do not miss this opportunity!

I am a true fan of online jewelry auctions but the way I go about shopping with them is very different than the normal online shopping experience. Jewelry auctions are like flash sales- there are very limited quantities of the pieces offered and the costs are priced to sell. Unlike just browsing on the internet there might not be another chance to scoop up some of Lure's fabulous items. When you see something you like- Buy it!

Make sure you like Lure on facebook and you can enter to win a pair of beautiful earrings!


Teamotions Review

 Friday, November 9, 2012

How has your week been? I thought mine would be less stressful than it has turned out to be! Only two weeks before thanksgiving and I cannot wait to see my whole family at once. It will be the first time I see my sister since leaving in August!

College is wonderful but being away from home changes me a little bit. Every time I go home I feel like I'm coming back a slightly different person. This year I have been really getting into tea! I was never a tea drinker before (well I have always loved iced tea).

It all started with a simple cold I got about a month ago. That dang cough would just not go away. I tried everything but the only thing that seemed to make my throat feel better was tea. Ever since then I've been hooked!

Teamotions is a tea company that sells teas that do more than just taste good. Their teas help you becoming healthier and support well-being. 

I tried a few different Teamotions teas. All of the teas are loose so you need to steep them in boiled water. They are a bit harder to use than a normal tea packet but in my opinion they taste stronger and more flavorful. 

I tried Teamotion's Find Strength Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea, Enjoy Rest Apple Cinnamon Chamomile, Have Hope Citrus Strawberry White Tea, Seek Peace Coconut Chai, and Discover Joy Lemon Vanilla Green Tea, and Achieve Clarity Vanilla Earl Grey.

After trying them all I have come to a few conclusions. For one I do not know if I can go back to those ordinary teas after trying this loose variety! I was not sure about the different types of well being but after trying them all I do think I was happier after tasting the teas!

My favorites were the Discover Joy Lemon Vanilla, Have Hope Citrus Strawberry and I might be ordering more Enjoy Rest Apple Cinnamon Chamomile!

Each of the teas were completely different both in taste and in result. The Vanilla Earl Grey soothed me while the Lemon Vanilla Green Tea gave me energy! Each of the actual tea brews are different in ingredients.

 The teas come in tins that retail for $14 and you can buy them straight from their site

Have you ever tried Teamotions? Which blend would you like to try the most?


Celebritiy Fashion

 Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'll confess. I love my celebrity gossip magazines. Whenever someone in my sorority house gets one I am the first to ask them to borrow the copy when they are done. I know that a lot of the "gossip" in the tabloids are fictitious but I read them anyway. My favorite parts are the "Who wore it best?" and "Style Best and Worsts."

So today's post is Celebrity themed.

I love Olivia Palermo in this Free People Shift. This look screams fall while still catering to warmer weather. Just two weeks ago it was 80 degrees in VA so I can completely understand the hard part of dressing for fall with warm climates but Olivia's dress is the perfect choice. The bulky necklace is very on-trend and the flats complete the look. Well done!

I am obsessed with this yellow Stella McCartney dress on Jessica Chastain. I would have loved to see a pop of color instead of the nude Christian Louboutin pumps but the light color does make the dress seem lighter and less heavy. It is so hard to pull off a yellow nude illusion dress but her red hair and lips compliment the dress. The side-do and makeup are perfect for the dress and she looks very put together.

I want to own this Valentino Resort 2013 number. I am a huge fan of feminine dresses and this frock is just the right amount of playful and fashion forward. While I do think this dress is more suited towards spring- hello Easter Sunday- I love it for Olivia Munn to wear in L.A.

I love this red sweater dress on Emmy Rossum. The Temperley London knit number is the perfect choice for winter events. The red color could be perfect for holiday parties and the neck and hemline make this dress something special.

Who is your celebrity fashion icon? Have you seen any amazing looks in any recent magazines?


A beautiful giveaway!

 Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I have recently partnered up with the coolest new Jewelry auction site- Lure. 

About Lure:
"Lure has all the bait you need when you're fishing for compliments. You'll find fun, flirty, fabulous jewelry, clothes, and accessories for the alluring girl."

Every sunday at 8pm Lure hosts a online sale of beautiful jewelry that features the newest trends at affordable prices. 

Mark your calender for this Sunday November 11th's sale at 8pm EST only on facebook

Lure's giving away the green version of these stunners!

To make sure you dont miss out on some seriously fabulous jewelry pieces like Lure on facebook today. Lure is currently having a giveaway for a beautiful pair of earrings and the giveaway is currently very low-entry. What are you waiting for? Like Lure and enter the giveaway!



 Monday, November 5, 2012

It is so cold here. I made the mistake of thinking that I would be able to go home for Thanksgiving break and switch my summer clothes for my winter wardrobe. Every morning I look at my Lillys and bright florals and wish that I had remembered to pack more sweater dresses and scarves.

My one necessity to surviving winter? Tights! By sticking a pair of tights under one of my sundresses I can extend the life of my clothing. Since my wardrobe is 50% dresses they are a lifesaver!

Here are a few of my favorite tights in stores right now.


I am loving the black polka dot and cable style tights. A little pattern goes a long way.

I tend to stick to neutral colors in tights but I know some girls who can really pull off the colored variety. For the pretty style I find ivories and blacks to be the easiest to wear but I want to know:

What tights are your favorite? Do you go crazy in patterns and colors or stick to plain hosiery?

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