Southern Hands Monogrammed Shirt Review and Giveaway

 Sunday, September 30, 2012

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. 

This upcoming week's forecast is unfortunately filled with rain. I have to ditch my sunny Lilly's for rainboots and warmer clothes. Fall is in full swing and its   almost October! I cannot wait to start craving pumpkin flavor everything and start wearing my long-sleeve shirts. 

I'll admit that I love summer clothes, but when it become colder outside the one type of shirt I cant live without is a warm long sleeve top. I just love sleeves and feeling comfortable and warm. 

In college, most clubs make and sell unisex tshirts for various occasions but rarely do the activities design long sleeve designs. I simply do not have enough long sleeve tops! I started searching the internet for preppy unisex designs and found Southern Hands.

Southern Hands is owned and operated by two mothers on a search for cute and affordable things for everyone in the family. We aim to provide quality products in the trendiest new styles. When you shop with us you get what you see. We use the best blanks and supplies to ensure that you get the most from your purchase.

Southern Hands is a really cute etsy shop that specializes in embroidered items. I love that they have a Monogram section of the store!

For those of my lovely mothers who read the Preppy Student, Southern Hands makes the cutest baby clothes. I can see myself buying these designs for baby shower gifts!

Since I am still a college student and do not have any children (and am not looking to have them soon) I am more interested in the adult clothing items Southern Hands offers. I love their oversized monogrammed shirts and can see myself wearing them to class.

But when I found out that Southern Hands made monogrammed unisex long sleeve shirts I was sold. I knew that I had to have one and now I am pleased to say that I do.

Isnt is adorable! I chose a black shirt with white embroidery. For some reason the black shirt didnt photograph that beautifully so I am sorry that the color looks a little faded- I promise that it is not.

I can't wait to wear the Southern Hands shirt over jeans, nike shorts, or any bottoms. The shirt is so comfortable and at $23 its at a great price point considering it comes with monogramming. Its a clever way to look preppy while still being comfortable and warm. 

If you like a tighter fit than unisex than order the regular non-pocket long sleeve shirt from Southern Hands. You can also order your pocket in fun fabrics like seersucker. 

I would 100% recommend this as a gift for any girl who loves monogramming. Actually these shirts would also be really cute for men and the embroidered pocket makes these tops a great deal. 

Southern Hands was nice enough to offer one of my followers a chance to win a monogrammed shirt!

How would you design your shirt?


E. Olsen Deisgns Bow Review and Koozie Giveaway

 Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Friday! I hope y'all had a great week. Mine has been very stressful but its so close to the weekend and Im ready to let off some steam!

As most of my lovely followers know, I love everything monogrammed. I just adore getting someone personalized because it makes the item feel more special- like it was made for me.

Started by Emily Olsen- a craft and home good lover- E Olsen Designs is a wonderful etsy site specializing in monogrammed bows, pillows, and other cute gifts.

"E. Olsen Designs grew out of my need to turn my love of sewing and crafting into a full time job. Located in my childhood home in Atlanta, Georgia, my design studio allows me to create for my friends and family and now for the Etsy community. Every item is hand made one at a time with great care and a very "type A" eye for detail. One of the best things about creating with fabrics is that the possibilities are endless! If you can imagine it, it can be made! My goal is to make the world a little bit brighter and preppier, one bow (or monogrammed placemat) at a time. Enjoy!"

I am obsessed with bows. To me, bows represent all things feminine, youthful, and in some ways preppy. I love bows accents so when I found out that E. Olsen Designs made monogrammed bows I immediately became infatuated with the designs.

I mean look at all those adorable monogrammed bows. A girl can dream right?

From seersucker to polka dots, E. Olsen Designs has the monogrammed bow for you. With multiple fonts to choose from its easy to custom design your new bow. Each bow is fastened with a standard barrette clip or an alligator pinch clip.

When it came down to me designing my first E. Olsen Designs bow I left it up to the owner Emily. With a suggestion of seersucker she created this beautiful bow- just for me!

I just love the blue seersucker fabric with the blue circle monogram. Its so cute! The bows retail at $20 and are the perfect gift for the preppy girl. E. Olsen Designs also embroiders sorority letters so these are perfect for big little week. For all the sorority chapters out there, E. Olsen is the place for your monogrammed bows for recruitment! I can see Pi Beta Phi bows in my future :)

The bow is 5" across which is a great size. Its large enough to have the noticeable embroidery but not big enough to be obnoxious. 

Well E. Olsen Designs was nice enough to offer one of my Preppy Student followers a chance to win a monogrammed koozie

How would you design your koozie? What font and color would you pick?


The Emmy Award Style Winners!

 Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Did anyone catch the Emmy Awards on Sunday? Unfortunately, I did not but that does not mean that I missed the style and celebrity outfits! I love award events and judging the dresses once pictures surface.

Behold... My favorites of the night:
Okay so Mad Men really is one of my favorite tv shows but I cant help adore Kiernan Shipka in this adorable Zac Posen number. She looks fashionable and age-appropriate. 

Tina Fey looks absolutely stunning in Vivienne Westwood. The color is perfect for early fall and the neckline is exquisite. 
Padma Lakshmi shined in this tangerine colored gown. The particular shade of orange is hard to pull off but she is really working it. The dress fits her body to a tee and the top hugs her in all the right places.

And the dresses that caught my eye for the wrong reasons:

I am not a fan of Heidi Klum in this blue Alexandre Vauthier gown. Heidi is hot for being a mother but this dress is not doing her justice! She looks like she's trying too hard to have people notice her bod.

I am all for a celebrity power couple but Portia looks crazy here! Who thought this was a good idea? 

 Zoey Deschanel seems to know that this Reem Acra dress is just not for her. The skirt makes the slim actress look very bottom heavy and the bustier top is overdone.

What is your favorite look from the Emmys?


The Earring Exchange Link Up!

 Monday, September 24, 2012

A couple weeks ago I posted about getting bloggers together and host an earring exchange. Each blogger was randomly given a swap partner and a brief overview into their partners taste preferences.

I am so excited to see what everyone received as gifts!

I swapped with the wonderful and beautiful Cotton from Cotton's Pickins. If y'all dont already follow her blog I strongly encourage you too! She is a fellow sorority girl, recent college grad, and lover of the "preppy" lifestyle. 

Cotton was so sweet and found me the perfect gift. I am a Pi Beta Phi sister (and will be till I die) and love showing off my sorority. Our symbols are angels and arrows and voila...

Look how cute these House of Harlow Arrow earrings are! LOVE them! Cotton's stationary was darling (I love cards). I actually received the earrings today and wore them as soon as I got them to formal chapter.

Thank you Cotton!

Please link up what you got in the swap and who your swap partner was!


Review and Giveaway:: Broward Patch Lilly Pulitzer Camera Straps

 Sunday, September 23, 2012

Did you have a relaxing three day weekend? I didn't! I am officially moved into college for my sophomore year! I love being back and am so excited to live in my sorority house. 

I am committed to my blog this semester and look forward to writing posts intertwined with writing papers! Yesterday I talked about one of my favorite items of technology- my Ipad but I failed to mention my favorite item of technology for blogging.

My Canon Digital Rebel xTi. If you ask me what my favorite present was that I ever received it would be my camera. I use it all the time from blog posts to family vacations. I bring my camera everywhere and am constantly uploading and editing pictures.

The only problem? My camera is oh so stark and boring. Black on black I am too afraid to put any stickers or decorate the actual camera.

When I realized that there was a store named Broward Patch that sold camera straps made of Lilly Pulitzer fabric I went bananas. How did I not know of this before? Why had I suffered so many years of bland camera when I could have been using something pretty!

Broward Patch is the home of the handmade camera straps! The store has a diverse and awesome range of fabrics from plaids to my favorite Lilly Prints. Deciding on which camera straps to choose is the hardest part!



I ended up choosing a Lilly Pulitzer strap in the fabric Beverly Hills Bubbly. I love the print and the vivid pink and orange colors. 

I got a keychain with my camera straps. The Broward Patch keychain is made the same way as the straps but less wide. I think Im going to have to stick the keychain on my car keys!

The Lilly fabric goes fast so be sure to scoop a strap for your camera! Just look at the three cute Lilly straps available right now at Broward Patch:

 The camera straps are sold for a great price point of $20. They make a great gift for any fashionable photographer and I would highly recommend the quality of the camera straps. I even showed them to the other photographer in my family- my dad- who approved of the Broward Patch straps immediately. He noticed that they were made of the "correct" (his words) material for camera straps and the black ends are classic. 

I know that a lot of bloggers have cameras and the thought that all of those poor cameras have to go through life boring and black just makes me, The Preppy Student so sad. Thats why I am so glad that Broward Patch has offered to give one follower their own camera straps!

Here are some more straps to choose from:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What camera straps would you choose? Can't wait to own a pair of Broward Patch's straps? Use the code "Preppy" to get 15% off your order today!


First Day of Fall

 Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today is officially the first day of Fall. 

Are you feeling the autumn blues? I'm not! I go to a college in a small rural area but the one thing my slice of VA has is an awesome homemade ice cream shop. Well, after my LONG week I decided to make a visit with three of my sorority sisters last night. In honor of the changing seasons I picked a pumpkin flavor that tasted exactly like pumpkin pie. Delish!

Red Fall!

How are you celebrating Fall? What is your favorite part of the season?


Review and Giveaway:: Silly 4 Lilly Sorority Letter and Shot Glass!

 Friday, September 21, 2012

I love my sorority. Even before rush I knew that the group of ladies in my chapter of Pi Beta Phi were going to become family. So when I found out that Pi Phi won the lilly contest and were going to get a sorority print I was ecstatic. I love Lilly and had been anxiously awaiting the reveal of the Pi Beta Phi print. I might be a little biased but our print is definitely the best!

Lilly Pulitzer did a great job of incorporating my sorority's symbols into the design. The only problem? The print is incredibly hard to paint and re-create. I don't know if you can tell based on the computer image but that light white paint next to the carnations- those are all angels and letters! The focus on detailing makes the print impossible to paint.

I have only found one artist who can truly make the print come to life.

Meg from Silly4Lilly is a fourth year Sociology major at UF who loves Lilly Pulitzer. The Lilly quote, "live every day like it's a celebration" really resonates with this sorority girl who loves to paint the bright prints. Her hobby of recreating Lilly prints lead her to get bombarded with emails and requests from sisters to sell her painted gifts and soon Silly4Lilly was born.

Meg was nice enough to craft me a M with the Lilly Pulitzer Pi Phi Print. I brought the Silly4Lilly letter with me to college and can honestly say it is the most complimented item in my dorm room. All my sisters stop by my dorm room and notice the M sitting on top of my closet door and immediately ask me about the letter. Its just that gorgeous. The detailing is spot on and the print is identical to the original Lilly.

I cannot wait to order more from Silly4Lilly. Meg is going to be one busy lady after my chapter's big little week. If you have a lilly print or any other print that you want to replicate on a painted item than you need to contact Silly4Lilly.

My M is perfect. I could not be happier with the way it turned out.

The lilly print is perfect. The angels are the kind of detail that can easily go wrong in the painting but Meg painted true to the Pi Phi print. All those arrows- this was a well loved piece of work. Silly4Lilly's work is underpriced for the quality and time Meg puts into her items. Just look at her past work. She is so talented!

Silly4Lilly has generously offered to give one Preppy Student follower a chance to win a custom painted Lilly Shot glass!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What would you choose to have on your shot glass? What Silly4Lilly product is your favorite?

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