300- Dr.'s Remedy Nurture Nude Pink

 Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nurture Nude Pink is the fourth shade I will be reviewing from the Dr.'s Remedy Hot Hot Hot collection. 

Nurture Nude Pink sticks out from this collection of bright lively shades. Its almost like Dr.'s Remedy decided to throw in one normal shade for those girls who cant wear bold colors. Its a peachy nude color that unfortunately has the worst application from this collection.

I needed two-three coats to make this color opaque and even. All the other shades only needed one-two coats. The color itself is flattering and pretty but I dont think its the most unique.
What do you think of this shade? I like it and thinks its pretty but I have many shades like this already.


299- Dr.'s Remedy Nail Lacquer in Bold Baby Blue

 Friday, July 29, 2011

How has your summer been? Mine is flying by way too fast. I have reviewed two of the five Dr.'s Remedy polishes from the Hot Hot Hot collection. Today I will review my favorite of the collection and the lacquer is called Bold Baby Blue.
Bold Blue is a well bold blue! Its super pretty and is a baby blue shimmer with silver infused in the lacquer. Its almost aqua and almost turquoise but its certainly a light blue.

Application was amazing. Dr.'s Remedy polishes apply like butter and this was no exception. I used two coats for safety but you really only need one. I did use a top coat. Even though this is a shimmer it finishes like a foil. I had no problem with brush strokes showing which is always nice.

I really like Dr.'s Remedy polishes and Bold Baby Blue is my new favorite from the brand. This color is awesome and application was a dream! What do you think of this $17 lacquer?


298- Dr.'s Remedy Nail Lacquer in Lovely Lavender

 Monday, July 25, 2011

Its day two of reviewing the five new shades Dr.'s Remedy has come up with for their Hot Hot Hot collection. Today I will be reviewing Lovely Lavender a lavender thats well lovely!

Lovely Lavender is a very pretty muted lavender polish. It kind of reminds me of a shade OPI would have put out in their Pirates collection, its just a dusty color. It looks like a dusty blue to me but the lavender color really kicks in when your in light.

Application was amazing. The quality on this formula really shows. I could have easily got away with one coat but I did two for safety. I also added a topcoat. 

This shade is somewhere between a grey and a dusty blue/lavender. Its very interesting and because it applied so well I think its a keeper. The question is, do you think you would spend the $17? Let me know!

Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish is free from harsh toxins to promote healthier, stronger nails and the first-ever nail polish on the market approved by the American Podiatric Association. Dr.'s Remedy is available for $17 online at Remedynails.com or by calling 1-877-323-NAIL.


297- Dr.'s Remedy Hot Hot Hot Collection

 Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy is a line of high quality lacquers that is dedicated to using clean, hypoallergenic ingredients. Dr.'s Remedy has made a few different collections in the past and just released their summer 2011 line called the Hot Hot Hot Collection.

Their are 5 shades in the Hot Hot Hot Collection; Tranquil (Tangerine), Lovely (Lavender), Glee (Gold), Nurture (Nude Pink), and Bold (Baby Blue). Each shade is made with tea tree oil, vitamins and wheat protein. These ingredients are better for your skin and the polishes are all made extremely well. 
The shades are produced in a square container with a textured cap. They remind me a lot of the Ulta Professional bottles. I like the size and the square base makes them easy to store. 

I didnt know which polish to try first so I just went with Tranquil the Tangerine lacquer. 
Tranquil is a metallic orange that is saturated and has a gold shimmer. This polish has a yellow flash and I didnt think it would look good on my skintone because of my natural yellow undertone but it actually looks nice! 

Formula was really great. I used two coats and a topcoat and I love the end result. I dont have any polishes like this in my collection and its a really fun summer shade. Im not the biggest orange polish lover but this one has made the cut for me and I will use it and wear it!
What do you think of this orange shade? Is it worth the $17 price tag? For me the quality is just as good as my chanels if not better so I say yes!


296- Kushyfoot Review!

 Friday, July 22, 2011

I am sorry for the breaks in my postings I have been enjoying myself this summer a bit too much! Today I have a great little review for my followers from a brand who's goal it is to make women happy; Kushyfoot

Kushyfoot is the first hosiery brand to incorporate the ancient healing art of Reflexology into their products. The massage action works by providing extra comfort through its 3 dimensional padded and wavy design and it provides a cushion between bare feet and the hard soles of a shoe. 

The Kushyfoot sole helps relieve tension and discomfort in achy feet, thereby helping to relieve stress and fatigue throughout the entire body. These therapeutic socks protect your feet and leave you feeling refreshed all day!

Not only are their products cute and girl friendly but they are doing your feet a favor!

When I go out I like to slip on heels to give me height and make my legs look good but some of my pumps arent exactly the most comfortable for my feet. I like to take off my shoes when I dance but I never have room for extra shoes or socks. Thats specifically why I love Kushyfoot's products so much. They are all super portable and easy to pack.  

I was sent a couple Kushyfoot products to review. I enjoyed my new socks and flats a lot and had a good time reviewing their items. The socks and shoes were all super comfortable. The flats looked a bit too much like slippers for me but they did their job! 

I really liked the flats to go packaging and product but I thought they looked odd on my feet. They might not have been the correct size for me because they were superbig. 

The Foot Covers were awesome though and I would definitely buy them again. These socks are cute and massage your feet! I like the lace pair I got and they came in handy one day when I stuck them in my purse and changed into them when I was breaking in new shoes. The padding is not noticeable to anyone else and feels great with sore feet!
To purchase any of Kushyfoot's products simply visit the Kushyfoot website! You can also stay connected with Kushyfoot by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


295- OPI DS Amethyst

 Sunday, July 17, 2011

A couple days ago I took out one of my OPI DS holo polishes and posted swatches. I had so much fun wearing DS Exclusive that I decided to pull out another holo to review today. This time I chose DS Amethyst. 

DS Amethyst is a super pretty lilac holo that has a fine glitter and really sparkles in the light. It almost looks like a neutral on the nail, its a very pale purple holo and the unique color works for a manicure that is cool but not showy. 
Application was worse than DS Exclusive. DS Amethyst is a bit runnier than I would have preferred. Holos tend to be a bit thinner than other finishes. 

I like DS Amethyst alot but it might not be my favorite of the OPI DS series. What do you think of the nails?


294- Gourmet Gift Basket Camp Care Review!

 Saturday, July 16, 2011

I always get a great feeling when I enter my home and see a huge package labeled with my name. Isnt it nice to get sent something just for you! I used to go to summer camp where some girls were lucky enough to receive huge care packages that reminded them that someone missed them and wanted to give them goodies. Sure I got one or two in my camp years but none as cool as the Camp Care Package from Gourmet Gift Baskets. 

At camp I was the kind of camper who couldn't get enough of arts and crafts. I recently received the opportunity to review a care package from Gourmet Gift Baskets Summer Fun line and I chose the Arts & Crafts package of course! 

The description of this package is: "Our arts and crafts care package will keep your creative kid entertained and enthralled! There is something for every hour of the day in this ideal care package designed to provide quiet and engaging activities alone or to share with friends. Included are beads and bracelet supplies, a bead organizer, stickers, markers, a pencil and sharpener, and a mug to be decorated with velvet designs and a journal to be decorated with foam designs. This care package will be a welcome surprise for the artsy child in your life!"

I really enjoyed all the awesome things that came in this package like:
· Mega Critter Organizer with Neon Beads 
· Alphabet Bead Bracelet Kit with Pastel Heart Beads · Design-A-Mug Velvet 
· Scribble Pad of Paper
· Fine Point Washable Markers
· Journal (60 pages) with Foamies Cover and Spiral Binding  
· 3-D Bug Sticker Shapes
· Dream Catcher
· Bendable PVC Pencil
· Pencil Sharpener

I think my personal favorite part of this basket was the pony beads in the mega critter organizer. I made tons of animal keychains when I got this. So what if Im not a camper anymore, I enjoy crafts!

The basket retails for $39.99 and the customer service for the company is awesome. The basket comes super fast and is so much fun. I would seriously recommend this to anyone who needs to give a care package! The link to the package is here.

What do you think of the package? Totally fun or too much money?


293- Zoya Layla

 Friday, July 15, 2011

Its really summer when the weather goes from warm to uncomfortably hot. On days like this I pull out neon bright shades and today Zoya Layla made the cut!

Zoya Layla is an incredibly bright but not neon pink. It was opaque in two thick coats and I decided to use a topcoat to complete the look. 
This bright polish has extremely good wear and this magenta hot pink is a showstopper. I get compliments whenever I pull this lacquer out from my stash and it looks good with just about everything. 

I love Zoyas and would recommend Layla if your missing that special hot pink polish in your life.  


292- Marley Lilly Review!

 Thursday, July 14, 2011

I took a week off and I really enjoyed myself. Now that I am back blogging I have a bit of a backlog of awesome posts and reviews I need to get done.

Today I will be reviewing an item I cannot wait to wear and show off! Marley Lilly is a website devoted to coming out with new fresh monogrammed products. I love anything personalized with my initials and name because I fell like products made for you are just a little more special. When I was introduced to Marley Lilly I immediately fell in love with some of the company's designs. The monogrammed items this company comes out with just make me smile.

So when I was given the opportunity to review for Marley Lilly of course I agreed. I was a little cautious because I know that sometimes companies that monogram use cheaper materials and they dont last as long.

I received a really cute floppy straw sunhat with pink rim and green monogram. My initials were embroidered on in a circle on the front. The hat has an elastic attachment underneath so you can wear it around your face if you like the hat to be faceted on to your head.

Service for this product was impeccable. The hat got delivered in just a couple days, I could not believe it! The customer service was friendly and prompt and Marley Lilly is a breeze to order from.

Back to the hat. The straw is very pretty but I think eventually the straw will break or get a cut. It doesnt feel cheap or expensive for straw and the monogram was done very nicely. The hat retails for $35.99, a fair price for such a cute hat with personalization. If it was ten dollars cheaper I would give these to all my girls as holiday gifts! These are perfect for the girl who loves going to derbys and summer parties. 

Overall I don't think this hat will last me years but its very cute and Im going to enjoy it lots. Marley Lilly did an excellent job with the personalization and their service was superb. I would not hesitate to order a product from Marley Lilly I just would hesitate from ordering more straw items. 


291- OPI DS Exclusive

 Friday, July 8, 2011

I am truly a nail polish addict and a collector of hard to find and exquisite lacquers. A couple months ago I found myself looking at OPI's DS collection with red clearance stickers placed on their boxes. Well I would not have been a good collector if I didnt buy all of them, right?

Holographic nail polish is truly my favorite type of lacquers. I love seeing the sun reflect in holos and the unique nail art that the polish provides without any work.

Today I will be reviewing one of my personal favorites DS Exclusive. It is a medium pink berry color. I think its really a magenta-plum kind of color and it is a spectacular holo.
Application was great. I used two coats and no topcoat. The polish is simply loaded with microglitter holo specks. Its amazing! The DS collection of OPIs chip just a bit faster but they are so worth it. 

I LOVE this shade and I hope you do too! This is one instance where cameras capture the depth of the polish more so than in real life. Holo lacquers are most noticeable in the sun which makes them great to wear in the summer.


290- OPI Thats Berry Daring!

 Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This week I hung out at one of my girlfriend's house and my bunch of friends and I decided our nails look raggedy and could use a good painting. So we took out her lacquers and gave ourselves manicures. I went for a pretty Pink shimmer called Thats Berry Daring! from OPI. 

Thats Berry Daring is a pretty berry medium pink with a secret shimmer that I didnt notice until I took pictures. I was under the impression it was a creme! The polish looks good with almost everything and I think its a pretty spin on the classic pink. The medium shade makes it great all year round and I enjoyed wearing it.

I cannot say this is the most interesting color I have worn but its simple, easy to put on and I liked it. Application was great, I used two coats and a topcoat.

What do you think? I dont have pictures with the bottle because I dont own it (yet) so I just put it with a finger paints topcoat. 


289- Zoya Charla

 Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zoya has a promo not to long ago where the company decided to give away Charla with a purchase of their products. I already had Charla but after everyone who ordered during the promotion got their Charlas' and raved about the shade it made me want to take out the lacquer and wear it again.

I cant believe I forgot how gorgeous Charla was. I might come off as overly positive when I review Zoya but its all genuine. I really love the Zoya brand. The lacquers are gorgeous, the customer service is great and the wear on these polishes is just incredible. 

Charla is the perfect mermaid shade. It is a blue green microglitter shimmer lacquer. Its a great shade to wear in the summer because it looks awesome underwater.The polish shines in the sun and when reflected while swimming its just gorgeous. 

I would consider Charla one of Zoya's best shades and thats saying a lot.  The pictures dont do this shade justice. (google charla for more accurate portrayals)


288- 4th of July Top 4 Nail Polishes!

 Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!
 I hope you all enjoy your holiday. Today I will be doing something a little different. I am going to choose my top four red whites and blue lacquers in my collection. My favorites change all the time so these lacquers are just my current obsessions.

The perfect holiday red is Milani Red Sparkle from their one coat glitter collection.  
The glitter is made of light and dark red shades and it again creates an awesome depth to this lacquer. It applies amazing and was so opaque. Its just such a sparkle winner.

My current favorite white is OPI Play the Peonies.
Ok I cheated.  Play the Peonies isnt a white, its a pale pink shimmer but its almost a white and I love it. Its the palest pink I think I own and the shimmer is just amazing. Its from OPI's Nice Stems! collection.

My current favorite blue is Zoya Breezi from Zoya's Summertime collection. Its not a surprise that my favorite blue is a Zoya because the brand makes the best blues in the nail polish market in my opinion. 
Breezi is a soft, dusty, dirty medium cerulean blue with an opaque cream finish. 

Finally as I said in the introductory paragraph this post is about my top 4 and I couldnt think of Fourth of July without fireworks. Translate fireworks to the nail and you get a crazy glitter just like OPI's Spark De Triomphe.
Spark De Triomphe is an amazing glitter made up of silver and gold specks of sparkle. I love it because its blingy, in your face, and goes with everything! 

So there you have it my Top Four for Fourth of July!

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