285- China Glaze Bogie

 Thursday, June 30, 2011

Im a girl who likes her bargains so whenever I go to Ulta or a cosmetics store I immediately search their sale section. On my last trip I found two china glazes on sale and with my $3.50 of $10 coupon they came out to less than $2 each. I picked up China Glaze's Bogie and Emerald Fitzgerald both from the Vintage Vixen collection.

Bogie is a very pretty metallic plum. Its a deep color that can look murky in some lights. I think the color feels vintage in the way that it is very complex and tells a story.
Application was wonderful. The polish applied like butter and I used two coats with a topcoat. 

I ended up wearing this when I was swimming and the color looks amazing in the sun. This shade has micro glitter in its base and in the light it just performs really well. 

I really like this shade but its not exactly a summer look. I ended up changing the color of my skintone to get the accurate polish color. 


284- OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

 Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When it comes to my nail polish somedays I want to sport classic colors and others I just want to have fun. When I was feeling like I wanted rainbows on my nails I decided on the color OPI Gargantuan Green Grape.

Gargantuan Green Grape is a pastel green creme. It is not minty looking, its a pale green that has a lot of white in it. Its the kind of color that does not look good on everyone but it looks good on me so I am happy!

Application was not amazing but not bad. I used 2-3 coats per nail to get this polish opaque. I had no problem with streaky strokes but one of my nails had small bubbles.

I think one of the reasons I like this polish is that it has a yellow undertone which I have in my skin. It just compliments me and I really loves sporting this as a spring mani!


283- Mattese Elite Purple Passion and Hypnotic

 Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hypnotic and Purple Passion are two of the six vibrant scented shades Mattese Elite put out as part of their new Happy Hour Collection. I saved these two for last because I just love bright purples and blues and I thought my followers would too!

Purple Passion is a bold and beautiful purple that just makes me smile when I put it on. 
Ive never heard or had a purple passion drink so Im not sure what it would have smelled like. This Purple Passion lacquer smells a lot like grape. 

Application was great. I used two thin coats and I got the desired color easily without a use of a topcoat. This polish was more of a cream then a neon and finished shinier then its sisters. 

Mattese Elite's Hypnotic is the blue of this bright collection. Its a shimmer and has a bright blue flash inside of the color. 

Hypnotic smells sugary. Its sweet and I couldnt place the smell but its supposed to be a dead on ringer for the Hypnotic drink.

Application was also really great and I only needed two coats. I really like this shade of blue and think it looks awesome.

Final Thoughts: As far as the whole Happy Hour collection I am very impressed. I was not disappointed by any of these bold shades and found all of them to have great application. Mattese Elite has a formula much better than most other brands and for their $5.99 price tag its a steal compared to designer brands. I love Apple Martini, Cosmopolitan and Hypnotic and would say those were my top three out of the six in this collection. I did not dislike any of the shades so it was hard!

Mattese Elite is the home nail polish brand of Ricky's cosmetics. Rickys is "An edgy, ultra-hip "beauty shop" specializing in unique fashion accessories, cosmetics, and beauty supplies, Ricky's NYC has been a part of New York's urban chic culture for nearly two decades. From style-conscious teenagers and their suburbanite moms to Hollywood celebrities and their professional stylists, Ricky's NYC plays host to a diverse, cult-like following of clientele. "


282- Mattese Elite Cosmopolitan and Shirley Temple

 Monday, June 27, 2011

Today I will be continuing with swatches from Mattese Elite's Happy Hour collection. This collection features neon lacquers that smell good and like their cocktail names. I decided that for this post I will be reviewing the two pink nail polish.

Cosmopolitan is a neon pink that is more deep and I think its like a neon magenta if that makes any sense. Its very pretty and would look good on most skin tones. The only problem with this shade is that its hard to photograph!
Application was wonderful. This lacquer went on smooth and I only needed two coats. Usually neons are difficult but I have had no problem with the Happy Hour collection. I did not need a topcoat.

The scent is exactly like a cosmopolitan. Well done Mattese! I enjoyed this polish mainly because the color is awesome. The scent was not overpowering and didnt annoy my nose at all I would buy this just for the color of the polish. 
Shirley Temples are the drink I have gotten most out of this collection. So I was curious to see if the name lived up to the polish and well the scent. The scent is like a shirley temple its just not strong and a bit faint.

The color of this polish is a medium pink that I cannot exactly call neon. It more of the classic pink bubblegum I think of when I think of girly colors. Shirley Temple was that sweetheart little girl so I think it makes sense. I was expecting Shirley to be a red lacquer but Im satisfied with the pink!

Application was good. I used two coats and no topcoat. All the lacquers in this collection dries pretty fast and I think they look amazing when finished. 

I was happy with both of these shades. Personally I like the scent better on Shirley Temple but I would wear Cosmopolitan more because I just love the color.


281- Mattese Elite Apple Martini and Tequila Sunrise

 Sunday, June 26, 2011

I cannot believe its already Sunday, boy does the weekend go fast! I read all your comments and it was clear to me that Apple Martini was the polish the most people wanted to see first and really who am I to not give my lovely readers what they want!

Apple Martini is a neon green lacquer that does not smell like Apple Martinis. Instead it smells sweet and I smelled a hint of coconut. My guess is that its named Apple Martini for the color not the smell. It was sort of fun trying to figure out the smell behind this shade.

Application was much better than I thought it would be. The polish applied beautifully and I used two with no topcoat. Mattese Elite's formula is always made with the best quality so although I was surprised the neon was so easy it was not surprising considering the brand.
I really like this bold shade. Its very vibrant to say the least. I would describe it as a highlighter neon green. I love apples so I kind of wish it did smell a little more like apples.

Tequila Sunrise is a orange yellow neon with a blueish shimmer. I would consider it a shimmer neon and it almost could be called a duochrome because of the blue flash. Its very cool.

Application was still amazing for neons. I used two thicker coats with no topcoat. This polish was a bit runnier than Apple Martini but it really was not bad.

As far as the scent this smelled like oranges more than Tequila Sunrises. Im starting to feel like maybe the name doesnt have to match up with the scent. After all once you put the polish on people notice the scent and have no idea of the name. 

Both scents on Tequila Sunrise and Apple Martini are strong enough that you can smell them but not strong enough to bother you. My nose is VERY sensitive and I had no problem with these scents. I liked both colors a lot and cant wait to try them all!


280- Edwards Gift Duffle Review!

 Saturday, June 25, 2011

Before my obsession with nail polish I was addicted to handbags. I would save all my money for a nice new leather designer bag. Now I choose my purses carefully but my focus is on my cheaper hobby of lacquer. I still love my bags though!

I was dying of happiness when I was told I could pick out a bag from Edwards Gift! Edwards Gift offers a fantastic collection of handbags that made me squel with delight. I looked at their whole site many times before setting on this duffle bag.

Here is the description for Edwards Gift's Large Quilted Duffle Bag with Polka Dots:
This duffle bag is simple but so cute! It is a large sized duffle bag. It measures 21x12x11. It features 2 slip in pockets and one zippered pocket inside. It comes with 4 detachable polka dot accent ribbons. You can take all the ribbons off if it is too much for you. It still looks pretty. It is good for travel, sports, beach, college campus and shopping etc. This duffle bag also can make a great gift for your friends and family. She will be delighted to receive this pretty duffle bag. 
I wanted an overnight bag that I can carry around with style and could possibly even take on the plane as a carry-on. It needed to carry a lot, be functional and be cute and Im pretty sure I found it. Isnt she a beauty! The bag was made by the company Belvah and they added some cute details which I very much appreciate.
The bag is black quilted with polka dot ribbon handles that add flair to the quilted duffle. The bows are removable- not that I will- and are placed on both sides of the bag. There is a outside zippered pocket and the duffle itself has a zipper closure. Inside the bag has a gingham fabric lining and has a small organizer pocket. All these details make the bag useful.
Edwards Gift is a online store that uses Amazon Marketplace. Amazon is very easy to use and although Edwards Gift has its own website I prefer the storefront on Amazon.
Edwards Gift had awesome service and they shipped the bag the morning after I ordered it. It came super fast and packaged nice and neat. Can't complain. The best part is that this duffle is priced at only $35. What a bargain for this duffle. If it was vera bradley it would be closer to $100! I personally like this look better than veras and would gladly purchase a matching bag from Edwards Gift to make a set.
The bottom line is that I fell in love with my duffle bag from Edwards Gift. The pictures just don't do it justice. Its so useful and cute I want to stay overnight just to wear this bag. I know I will use this bag in the future a lot because the design is so great. The size is great for me and this bag is light and makes me feel fashionable!
Edwards Gift's Amazon Storefront is here and their website is here. These are my honest and true opinions and I was not paid to say any of this. I really do love this duffle!


279- Mattese Elite's New Cocktail Inspired Scented Collection

 Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!

I love reviewing Mattese Elite Nail Polish. I have gotten a lot of good feedback from my reviews of Mattese's last collection and all of my Mattese posts so I have decided to review the Happy Hour collection.
Mattese Elite is a nail polish brand sold exclusively at Rickys. Rickys is "An edgy, ultra-hip "beauty shop" specializing in unique fashion accessories, cosmetics, and beauty supplies, Ricky's NYC has been a part of New York's urban chic culture for nearly two decades. From style-conscious teenagers and their suburbanite moms to Hollywood celebrities and their professional stylists, Ricky's NYC plays host to a diverse, cult-like following of clientele. "

There are six nail polishes in the Happy Hour Collection. The names of the lacquers are Tequila Sunrise, Cosmopolitan, Shirley Temple, Apple Martini, Hypnotic and Purple Passion.  Each polish is .5 oz and retails for $5.99 on their website. The kicker is that these cocktail inspired shades are all scented!
Which one should I try first?


278- Finger Paints Peaceful Purple and Psychedelic Sunshine

 Thursday, June 23, 2011

Its officially summer and Im having a girls day which will consist of lots of sushi followed by a sex and the city marathon- what could be better!

Im halfway done with reviewing Finger Paints Peace Love and Color collection.  Today I will be reviewing and swatching Peaceful Purple and Psychedelic Sunshine.

Peaceful Purple was the shade that I gravitated too the most. I mean just look at the bottle! Its a gorgeous purple glitter that contains plum and silver sparkles.  

This plum glitter has a jelly finish and application was better than expected. Glitters can be tricky and I ended up using two to three coats to get the glitter to be opaque enough. Getting this lacquer off is such a pain! Glitters are so pretty on your nails but dang are they impossible to remove. 

Peaceful Purple is basically the same polish as All You Need Is Color except for the fact that its a pretty purple instead of teal. I really like this shade and think the glitter has more depth than most glitters have.

Psychedelic Sunshine is the bright yellow glitter in this collection. I like the name a lot and this polish is as happy as sunshine. It is a yellow glitter with holographic specks that are all in a clear jelly base.

Psychedelic Sunshine definitely had the worst formula in this collection. Its goopy and I needed 3-4 coats to get this lacquer even and opaque. You can still see VNL but after a while I gave up and stopped adding coats. 

I really like this shade of yellow and can safely say I have no polish like this. Im going to try this over a white base next time I wear it.

What do you think of these two shades? Finger Paints are found at Sallys and retail at $4.99, a good buy if you ask me!


277- Finger Paints Groovy Green and Give Pink A Chance

 Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today I will continue reviewing the Finger Paints Peace Love & Color collection. Yesterday I swatched All You Need Is Color, a gorgeous turquoise glitter. Today I will be reviewing Groovy Green and Give Pink A Chance.


Groovy Green is a perfect green for spring and summer. I would consider it a grass green shimmer. The only complaint I had was that it was hard to capture this color on camera. 


Application was problem free. Groovy Green is on the thicker side and its very opaque and pigmented. I used two coats and got the color effortlessly. Some people had problems applying this lacquer but I did not!

The shade of green is pretty unusual and although its great for summer and spring Im not sure its my favorite color. I would love to layer or konad this!


Give Pink A Chance is a medium to dark pink shade. It has a red undertone and has a creme finish.


Application was amazing. This polish applied super smooth and I used two coats. This and Groovy Green dried very fast and although I always add a topcoat you dont need one.


Give Pink A Chance is a bold pink that is easy to wear and would be great in every season. Its very wearable and I am glad to own it.


What do you think of these two shades?


276- Finger Paints Peace Love & Color Collection!

 Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finger Paints came out with their new Peace Love & Color Collection for this summer and I can't believe I have not shown it to you guys yet. Its a beautiful, fun collection of bright colors perfect for the hotter months.
Before I show you swatches here is the press release:

Im going to just jump into this collection by reviewing All You Need is Color.

All You Need is Color is a gorgeous turquoise glitter. I loved the name and reference to the Beatles. This glitter is made with blue and green glitter and the lacquer has a clear base. 

For a glitter application was not bad. I used three coats and a topcoat and the polish was opaque enough for me to stop. Its not the most opaque glitter I have ever applied but its not super thin either. 

All You Need is Color is the prettiest polish to wear in the sun and you know that in the summer its nice to wear polishes that look good outdoors. This will definitely be a polish I will sport this summer!

What do you think?

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