258- Zoya Limited Edition Touch Collection

 Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nail polish lovers like myself hate when an event comes where cant wear bold lacquers on your nails. When these instances occur its best to be prepared to wear a neutral polish or you might have to give up wearing polish. (THE HORROR!)

I have always favored bright fun colors over neutral lacquers so even though my nail polish collection is over 300 now I can count my natural shades with my fingers. 

This is the real reason I was excited abut Zoya's new limited edition collection Touch which sports three new neutral shades. These are shades you can wear all year and you can even use them for layering. In the clothing world we have "staples" items that form a foundation of personal style so it only makes sense that in the nail polish world you have a neutral as a polish "staple."

From Left to Right: Minka, Shay, Pandora
You don't necessarily have to match your hand color with a  neutral you just have to look at a nude and think, thats my shade!

Lets start with Minka from the collection

Minka is a yellow based neutral. I have a yellow undertone and thought I would hate this on me but it is actually my favorite. Its a beige that is very light and has a very slight silver shimmer which of course I love. 

Application for Minka was excellent. All you need is two coats and it does not need a topcoat. 

Shay is a very pretty peach toned neutral. This warm beige shimmer is very pretty and I like the almost fleshy tone of it. This has an orange/red undertone.

 It excellently well and was extremely opaque. This definitely was a full coverage neutral and I needed two coats without topcoat. 

Pandora is the most pink out of the neutrals. Its a cool pink beige with blue and mauve undertones. It does have the silver shimmer its just a little less obvious. 
Application was again a breeze. Pandora is a very pretty color.

I really liked these three neutrals from Zoya's new Touch collection. Its very hard to say which ones you like better unbiasedly because with neutrals you like the ones that look good on your skin! Thats why I loved reviewing these that I got to find the polish that matched my own skintone. 

Zoya did an excellent job with application. These all were super opaque and all three needed two coats no topcoats. Thats pretty remarkable for neutrals. 

The pre-order on these is open at Zoya.com and they should ship by the first week of June.

What do you think of the Zoya Touch collection. Which neutral would you pick for your skin or do you want to get all three to really match your skintone!


257- Zoya Sunshine Collection (Part 2)

 Monday, May 30, 2011

Today I will be reviewing the other three lacquers from Zoya's new Sunshine Collection. All the polishes in this collection are shimmers and are infused with sparkles and personally I am loving the results! 

From Left to Right; Tanzy, Rica, and Faye


 Tanzy is definitely an orange. Its basically a tangerine shimmer with loads of copper glitter inside. I think that Tanzy and Apple really do look like their fruit counterparts of an apple and orange. They are delicious and Tanzy is well Tanzy! What a fun name. 

 Application for Tanzy was fine. Two to three coats are needed to get the desired color. The color is just so much fun and I usually hate orange polish. This is definitely a keeper in my eyes!

Rica is a beautiful medium orange coral shimmer. It has an almost pink like appearance. Its a very pretty color.

Application for Rica was also good but not amazing. Some fingers needed two coats but most needed three. For the Sunshine Shimmers you really do need to wait between coats I know I said that yesterday but its vital for these to get an even smooth look.

Faye is one gorgeous color but I have a dilemma. I already own it! You see Rally Pretty Pink from OPI's Serena duos is exactly the same shade. I love the rose color that's filled with gold but now I have two of the shades.

 I think application was fair for this polish. Its pretty thin and you needed at least three coats to get the color. OPI's formula was better so I actually would give it over to OPI for this polish. Its just not as opaque as I would have liked.  

These three polishes were all gorgeous shimmers that I am glad to own. I just wish they were more pigmented and that I could have gotten away with only two coats. 

The whole Sunshine collection was incredibly fun. These are standout shiny polishes and who doesn't like that! I was a bit disappointed by the bulk of the formulas but Reva and Kimmy's application were great. I was expecting the Zoyas to be pretty and they were I just didn't get the wow factor to the application which usually Zoya gives. Basically I really liked the lacquers but I didn't fall head over heels for them because of the application issues.


256- Zoya Sunshine Collection (Part 1)

 Sunday, May 29, 2011

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend and relax. I painted my toenails Areej from the Summertime collection and I have gotten so many compliments on it. I think it might be my favorite from that collection.

Zoya Week at Toes That Twinkle! is definitely not over and I am so excited to review the Sunshine collection and the new limited edition Touch trio from Zoya.

First the Sunshine collection. Zoya describes this line as "Six new rich and elegant shades for Summer. Each delicious shade is infused with a glowing golden metallic sparkle that creates your own sunshine on each fingertip.  Each ultra long wearing Zoya Sunshine nail polish shade is highly pigmented and applies like silk."

The six shades in this collection (from top left to bottom right) are made up of Tanzy, Rica, Faye, Reva, Kimmy and Apple. My first reaction was that there was one name that wasn't like the others. I thought Zoya named after women but it wouldn't hurt if they choose Apple after they covered all the common names (or even after my name!) I do like that the names are fun and I can associate them with a shimmer summer collection.


For this post I will be reviewing Reva, Kimmy and Apple.

Zoya Reva 

Reva is red with a raspberry like color that has a copper shimmer. Every girl needs a red polish and this sort of lacquer is a twist on the standard red. I have to say that it is a very flattering color. 

 I expected Reva to be thin and watery but it was the exact opposite. The color is pigmented and perfect in two coats. Just perfect and I think that formula is a way in which Zoya polishes shine. 

Zoya Kimmy
Zoya Kimmy is a bright red with gold sparkle. I think it has an orange tint in it that is more apparent in the bottle than it is on the nail. 

Application was flawless. This shimmer is so pigmented that you could even get away with one coat (I did two for safety) The zoya brush is thin but super easy to use and I actually prefer it over the extra wide opi brush but that's just my personal preference. 

Zoya Apple
Zoya Apple is well an Apple green! Its light and bright and the gold sparkle just makes this polish really shine. This was the polish I was the most excited about but wasn't sure how it would look on my nails. I really like it and have nothing like this in my collection!

Application was fine this one took three coats and I would recommend waiting in between coats to make sure the color is even. 
My feelings on these three lacquers are simple. I love shimmers and these are all up my alley. I do think I had a dupe of Reva but a polish like Apple is completely unique to me. These shades could be worn in almost every season and I wish they were a bit brighter for summer. That's my only complaint. Application on Reva and Kimmy was great. Apple was probably my favorite though because the apple green and gold flakes is just gorgeous!

Please tell me what you think of the Zoya Sunshine collection.


255- Dove Chocolate Discoveries Review!

 Saturday, May 28, 2011

I am so sorry I did not post yesterday, I legitimately thought I had but I had just saved it and had not published it.

Besides nail polish one of my favorite hobbies is to bake. I love to whip up deserts in particular and share them with my family and friends. I get a sense of accomplishment when I see everyone saying yum. It helps when you get a good recipe so that the baked goods taste great! 

I was received the White Chocolate Lemon Baking Mix and recipe cards in Chocolate Crowd-Pleasers.

 70% of the Dove Chocolate Discoveries products are under $20 which I think is great and super affordable. Dove Chocolate Discoveries is constantly coming out with new products. They just came out with new products for spring.
Ok back to the two products I got to review.

The recipes I got were a great size and had so many interesting recipes I just cant wait to try. I love exploring in the culinary world and I cant wait to use each recipe for a new baked good! The recipes come in sets of 13- a bakers dozen! I thought it was a cute little detail.

There are more than one set of recipe cards from Dove Discoveries I just decided to try the Crowd-Pleasers. Dove describes this product as "A whole new set of easy entertaining hits with chocolate in the leading role. How about Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches or Triple Cream Fudge Cake? Pretty in Pink Smoothies or toast the sunset with White Chocolate Key Lime Cups."

The baker dozen recipe sets are priced at $5. Thats a great price for the recipes you get. These are not recipes you can find online and the size makes these easy to use and easy to store. I can see these being a great gift to everyone who likes to bake. 

Onto my new favorite cupcakes from the New White Chocolate Meyer Lemon Baking Mix.

I love lemon and I love white chocolate but I had never had either in cupcake form. So I was intrigued to try this product to say the least. Inside the box there were two big white bags, one labeled cupcake mix and one labeled frosting mix.

I decided to try the lemon cupcakes first. I actually made it with one of my best girl friends. We had so much fun and they were easy and quick to make. I had promised her that she would get half the batch to take home at the end. 

We ended up making 24 mini cupcakes and 8 very large cupcakes with the batter. The description of the mix says, "Let them eat cake! And they'll come running for the seductive flavor of cake (or cupcakes) made with DCD shaved white chocolate and the tang of Meyer Lemon highlighted by Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. You'll whip it up in no time with the added bonus of yummy Meyer Lemon frosting. (Tasting will be overlooked, but please leave some for the cake.)(MAKES 1 8-INCH CAKE OR 12 CUPCAKES)"

It would be hard to describe how amazing these cupcakes were. I mean they were fantastic. In fact when it came time for my friend to leave she forgot to take the half of cupcakes as promised. I was going to call her to come back to get them when my family told me not to. They were getting possessive over the lemon cupcakes! Those lemon pieces of goodness was the center of a fight for the last cupcake in the batch. They were gobbled up so fast I couldn't take a picture.

I did not use the white chocolate frosting mix when I made these cupcakes because the lemon cupcake was so good you didnt even need frosting.

I did however make the frosting mix to accompany a store bought box of chocolate cupcakes. The frosting was  harder to whip up than the cupcakes but it was still a piece of cake (get it!) 

I very much enjoyed both products and would try each of them again. The Lemon cupcakes were priced at $14 which is reasonable for gourmet baked goods I just wished they would have made 24 cupcakes not 12. That's really my only complaint. 

Dove Discoveries has so many other gourmet products that will get your friends as impressed with your cooking skills as my family and friend was with the lemon cupcake! Its easy to become an instant chef with no work at all with these no fail mixes. Or you can buy dove chocolates that are ready to eat! Here are some other products you can get at Dove Discoveries:

Chocolate Baking Mix
Cinnamon Apples A La Mode
Pro Series Tempering Unit

You can find many great products when you click this link and please leave a comment about this post or about a product you saw at Dove Discoveries you want to try/use!


254- Zoya Summertime (Part 2)

 Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today I will be finishing up this collection with the three other shades I did not post yesterday. The names of these lacquers are Areej, Mira and Breezi.
I had high hopes for these from the last batch and I can honestly said they met them. 

First up; Areej

Areej is a fuschia creme. I was thinking "Another pink? I dont need this." I was wrong. This is my favorite from the collection and its the polish that looked best on my skin. 

Application was great. You can almost get away with one coat because its so opaque. I wanted to keep Areej even so I think its good in two coats. Personally I added a third coat because I thought it gave it depth dont need it to get the look.

 This is my pink. Seriously I did not expect to like it as much as I did on my nails. I feel like every girl should have a neutral, red and pink and I would totally recommend this as your pink because now its mine! 

Mira is a grape purple with hints of blue. The creme is said to be dusty but I dont think thats how I would describe it. Mira is not obnoxiously bright nor is it dull I think its normal. Mira's shade is very nice but its not unique and I think I have a couple dupes of this color.

Application was good though and I used only two coats without a problem. I really like the zoya little brush and the cute zoya bottles. Mira is very pigmented and almost is a one coater.

I like this shade a lot on my nails and I think its a fun color. The only thing keeping me from saying I love it is the fact I probably already own it! 


I think that Zoya's description of Breezi is accurate. They said its a soft, dusty, dirty medium cerulean blue with an opaque cream finish. I think thats about right!

Application was good but not as great as the other five lacquers in the Summertime Collection. You needed two-three coats for this shade. Its still very opaque and this color could stain your nails so a basecoat is necessary.

Zoya never makes that many blues. I don't know why but im my experience they hold back on the shade. When Zoya cranks out a new blue though- WOW! My favorite blues are from Zoya so its no surprise I think Zoya blue Breezi out of the park.

I didnt own Suzi Says Feng Shui but I hear its a dupe for this. If you didnt have that polish, like me, I think you should really try Breezi. Its fun, pretty and a great quality polish for summer.

Summed Up
I had no problems with any of the lacquers in the Summertime Collection. Every creme was easy to apply, finished glossy and they were all super pretty. My favorites would be Sooki, and Areej but I really did not dislike any of the six colors. I liked the fact Zoya made a creme collection because if there was another crackle based line I would be disappointed.

I really cannot say anything bad about these cremes except they are not terribly unique. If you dont have a dupe I would recommend these in a heartbeat for their superior quality. Zoya knows what they are doing and Zoya cremes are my favorite!


253- Zoya Summertime (Part 1)

 Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So for Zoya Week I will also be reviewing the Summertime and Sunshine collections.
Lets start with the Summertime Collection.
Zoya described the collection as "Strong tones and a cream finish best describes the Zoya Summertime Collection for Summer 2011.  The six bold, luscious shades are highly pigmented and deliver  a unique twist on the classic Summer creams"

  From Left to Right: Sooki, Tamsen, Kieko, Areej, Mira and Breezi
I will be reviewing these nail polishes two at a time so for today I will start with Sooki and Tamsen.


Sooki is a bright red creme. Its fun and a bit on the cherry side. This is the kind of color that is always in vogue and looks good on everyone. 

Application was wonderful. No problems here! The more coats you put on the darker the color becomes but I stopped at 3 which was plenty. On some nails I stopped at two. 

One thing I love about Zoya Cremes is that they are incredibly durable. Im the kind of girl who gets chips in the first hour and this one never chipped before I had to take it off (to swatch more polishes).


Tamsen is not as true a red as Sooki. Its much more "brick" and I can see some burnt orange tints to it. I like it but its not the color I gravitate too.

Application was good. After glitters and shatters cremes are just so easy! They go on like butter and are glossy and squishy looking when dry. Seriously no problem at all.

Tamsen is a red-orange that is interesting enough that I dont have a dupe but simple enough you could wear it anywhere in any season. 


When I was starting to review this collection I had someone with me and I asked her what her favorite shade is and she said Kieko. 

Kieko is a purple creme that has hints of pink. Its slightly different than a royal purple because of the pink accents. I love it but originally thought it would just be ok.

Application was awesome again. Two coats gets you opaque but I would recommend doing a third to get completely even color!

Thats it for part one! Kieko, Tasmen and Sooki were all great and set a high standard for the rest of the Summertime collection. I am personally loving these cremes for summer they are polishes and pretty and they all are slightly tweaked and unique.

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