225- China Glaze For Audrey

 Saturday, April 30, 2011

China Glaze For Audrey has called my name ever since I started liking nail polish. I knew that at some point this color would be mine. Well eventually I picked up the shade and realized that I never reviewed it!
Tiffany Blue is color which people recognize and associate with the brand. For Audrey was originally a limited edition lacquer for China Glaze in honor of Audrey Hepburn. The shade is so close to the original Tiffany Blue color but apparently it cannot be exact because Tiffany owns the shade by copyright. How extreme but I understand that when they want you to look at the color you know its TIFFANY's Blue. 
Even if you hate Audrey Hepburn, and hate all Tiffany jewerly you cannot deny that this is a beautiful color. It was inevitable that it would end up in nail polish form.
The formula is a little thick but wears excellently. It was not hard to put on and I did use some top coat. I got so many compliments on this shade and I think its perfect for the spring. This is the kind of color that goes on virtually any skin tone.
I am so glad that I own this amazing shade. It really is a beautiful color and I loved wearing it.


224- China Glaze Life Preserver!

 Friday, April 29, 2011

Today I will swatch my last polish from the Anchors Away Collection. Its Called Life Preserver and it is a medium orange creme. Its not my typical orange it is a bit coral red. Its hard to describe! I think its kind of like the color rust and orange combined into a "poppy" creme. 

The color is definitely unique to me which I love! It is a weird shade and Im not sure its what I find to be traditionally pretty. Nonetheless I think its great for the summer/spring and fall months!

Application was good I used two coats. I didnt think this had the WOW factor on me. Its pretty but not my typical shade. This is definitely unusual in my collection. I made a mess and didnt clean up before pictures- sorry!

What do you think of this shade? Which was your favorite; Knotty, Life Preserver or Pelican Gray?


223- China Glaze Knotty!

 Thursday, April 28, 2011

Have you been Knotty? I have I have too many nail polishes and products to review!

Knotty is a pale shimmer neutral from China Glaze's Anchors Ahoy Collection. I was dying to get this collection and ended up with three polishes from it. I just reviewed Pelican Gray, now Knotty and maybe tomorrow Life Preserver!

Knotty is a beige lacquer with gold shimmer. Its kind of a champagne color with silver flecks.

This isnt the kind of color that is known for being opaque. I knew that it would take a large amount of coats for it to be somewhat opaque so I settled for some VNL. Its not too bad and the color is so pretty. The formula is good and I used two coats to three coats. It is very sheer.

Im not usually someone who goes for neutrals but this is a very pretty one. I actually like it a lot more than I thought I would. The best part about neutrals are they are less maintness. This polish lasted a while but even if it didnt- no one would know!

I also layered Knotty over China Glaze Moonlight a white creme. In all my pictures two are layered and two are not can you tell the difference? I loved the look when its layered.


222- China Glaze Pelican Gray!

 Wednesday, April 27, 2011

China Glaze Pelican Gray was on my wishlist for a while now. It was from China Glaze's Anchor's Away collection and I finally own it so of course Im swatching it!

Pelican Gray is a beautiful light gray lacquer that has a slight amount of shimmer but is basically a creme. Pelican Gray and Zoya Dove are very close I am told.

Formula was good I only had to use two coats- YAY! Unfortunatly I did not love the color on my hands like I had hoped. Something was a bit off for me and I couldnt pinpoint it.

What do you think of it on my hands? Granted that I know you can see the red ring around the paint since I didnt do such a good job taking off my last manicure!

I still really like the color especially because the light gray is so pretty and the barely there shimmer drives me crazy- in a good way.

Comment about what you think of this color. Do you want it? Were you lemming this collection like I was? I want to know!


221- Jody's Popcorn!

 Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Popcorn is definitely an American staple. Can you imagine going to the movies and not seeing or smelling popcorn? For me I tend to make mine at home when Im watching movies or want a snack. I love all varieties especially Kettle Corn and chocolate dipped!

 I had the pleasure of reviewing a few products from Jody's Gourmet Popcorn. The company all started around a couple; Jody and Alan and eventually became the gourmet popcorn and chocolate store it is today. Jody's Popcorn is even kosher and the products are yummy and pretty!

 The products I received were: Peanut Butter Explosion Fudge, Chocolate Drizzle, Funfetti, and Recipe 53: Caramel Corn. I ended up sharing these with friends. 

Lets start with the Funfetti. People loved this, especially the look. Many people couldn't believe it was actually real, "it was too pretty". The colors were bright and vivid and definitely "popped". As for the taste, they were extremely sweet, which I liked a lot. They had a really nice crunchy texture and were very filling. Colors were the best, but taste was pretty darn good too. Quote: "It was like a rainbow made of sugar IN MY MOUTH"

The Caramel Popcorn was the least favorite, but not bad by any means. I brought these in for a group dinner, and people were all over them. They were very sweet, but in a good way, and people loved the little nuts attached to them. However, the overall complaint was that they were too sticky; they were hard to get off the roof of your mouth. They complained about that, but kept eating them anyway, so I don't think it was a big deal. But yeah, I agree, it was a little too sticky otherwise, very good. 

Chocolate Drizzle OMG DELIICCCIOUSSS. I'll be honest with you, I had full intention of sharing these with others, but HOLY GOD THEY WERE SO GOOD. I pretty much horded these for myself. I've always had a sweet tooth for caramel and chocolate- one without the other just misses something- so I kinda thought these would be my favorite. Perfect amounts of chocolate on caramel- and the white chocolate drizzles were great! My absolute favorite.

The Explosion Chocolate Fudge was great but I would stick with Popcorn from Jody's. The M&Ms in the fudge colored spread and the taste was good but nothing exploded like the name. I think the fudge was tasty but not amazing.

All in All Jody's Popcorn is amazing! The Chocolate Drizzle was by far my favorite, The Funfetti was a pretty sweet treat and the Caramel Popcorn and Explosion Chocolate Fudge weren't for my tastes but both were still very good. I would absolutely recommend Jody's Popcorn to my viewers.   They can ship ANYWHERE and the packaging ensures it will always arrive fresh. You can't go wrong with Jody's Popcorn as a really fun gift for someone.


220- Lifeguard Press Review of Supercute Stationary!

 Monday, April 25, 2011

I will be starting college in the fall and it just so happens that I will be attending one of the preppiest schools in the country. Think oxfords, ribbon belts, madras and Lilly Pulitzer. I am neither un-preppy nor preppy and I'm starting to pick up some items to make myself better suited for my new environment.

This extends to the stationary and little items that I will be glad to put on my desk next year. Luckily I found Lifeguard Press an adorable store that specializes in fine stationary and private labeling. The customer service at this website is just amazing. Everyone is so nice and responds so fast to the littlest question.

Lifeguard Press sells products from top stationary and gift brands like  Jonathan Adler, Susan Branch, Susan Wallace Barnes and of course my favorite Lilly Pulitzer.

Lilly Pulitzer just makes me feel girly, pretty and fun. The choice of colors, prints and fonts just scream Lilly and I have always loved the brand. So it was no surprise that I loved the items I received from Lifeguard Press.

Im going to start with my new die-cut Poodle Jonathan Adler notecards.  

I LOVE them! I have always liked poodles and have some pink and white poodle decor that remind me of french girlyness. Poodles are just fun and I cannot wait to use these next year. The die-cut is so nicely done and I love the quality of the notecards. 

I also got a Lilly Pulitzer Koozie. If you don't know what a koozie is don't feel bad I didn't recognize the name either! Basically it is a sleeve that keeps drinks cooler and adds decoration to boring drinks! I got this in the Your Flagged Print

I really like it and will use it with my ice teas and coffees in the fall. I like the little flags and the blue yellow and white color scheme. This is only $5.50 and it really adds a little style when your simply holding a drink. This is just a small little detail that would make a great little gift.

Finally I recieved an awesome square notepad created by Lilly Pulitzer. This was my favorite product by far. The little patterns make me smile and I cannot wait to use this.
I also like the lilly pen it came with. Its so girly and simple I have already started using it! Its called the Note Cube in Buy Local Patch. There is 600 little notes in the cube! That will last me awhile! I love the strawberry pattern the most on the sides and think this makes a wonderful little gift for any girly-girl. 

Ok so now you saw my three new little gifts and stationary items. I love the lilly cube, koozie and my jonathan adler poodle diecut. I will be using these and think they all make wonderful gifts.

So you have heard me boast about Lifeguard Press but I want to showcase some other items that they sell. Just click on each item to go to the product page. 

Lilly Pulitzer Personalized Notes - Animal Crackers

Jonathan Adler Thermal Mug - Multi Chevron

Lilly Pulitzer Coasters - Juice Bar

Lilly Pulitzer Personalized Small Tray - Lace by the Docks

Lilly Pulitzer Picture Frame - Stuffed Shells

I just love all the products Lifeguard Press sells. I think my favorites are the Lillys but some of the Jonathan Adler prints are just gorgeous. I cannot wait to buy a lilly agenda for next year and a calender!


219- Vedette Shapewear Review and Giveaway!

 Sunday, April 24, 2011

Today I will be writing about the awesome shaper store called Vedette Shapewear!  Their products are incredibly made of Advance Hevea and the products really work. I tried out one of their shapewear products and I know I will use it again and again!

The store itself has awesome costumer service and everyone was so sweet! 

When I received my shapewear sample, I quickly opened my package to find it neatly packed in an airtight bag. The package itself was very cute I was delighted to receive the pink bag. 

I have tried Spanx before but had not found the cut that worked for me. I think I ended up choosing Spanx because it was the shapewear most people knew about but never had that good of an experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect with Vedette this unknown brand to me.  

I took the product out of the bag and was perplexed. I knew I asked for the right size but it just seemed so small! I then thought it was shapewear so it probably stretches a lot and put my forearms into it and stretched a bit. It was not easy. This shapewear stretches just barely and the material is so thick.

I am not the type to wear skin tight clothing so when I had to really squeeze into the shapewear I was thinking it was just not for me. Honestly for a brief second it hurt getting into it but as soon as it was on WOW! It looked great. My stomach is my problem area and it was so smooth! I cant say that I went from having a stomach to no stomach but gosh my body lost my love handles and I was straight! I could not believe it. 

I will definitely wear this under formal dresses that I am worried about my curves. Its just streamlines my body so well. I am so happy with it!

For the record I ordered the Bianca medium control product in Nude. I guess I didnt specify If I wanted the thong or panty and was thinking panty when I ordered it. I ended up with the thong but I can always put it over my panty with no problem. The latches on the bottom are eye hooks and everything was so well made I am so impressed!

Vedette Shapewear offers so many different styles and colors that they will fit into your personality and style.  They will also bring that sexy and beautiful self back to life.  They have a nice range of shapewear, no matter what you are looking for help with!

About Vedette Shapewear: Vedette Shapewear is a Colombian brand of sophisticated shapewear for women who wants to get slim instantly. All garments are made from the perfect combination of compression garments to slim the body, and the sensuality of lingerie that makes each shapewear looks fashionable and pretty. We have been in the business since 1979, operating at USA and Mexico. At this year of modern age, we are taking a new step to do online marketing and advertising. And we believe you could be a great help in this part.

Buy It: You can choose from the many styles shapewear garments at Vedette Shapewear. Check it out!
Vedette was so sweet that they actually gave everyone who enters this giveaway $5 coupon towards your next purchase at Vedette. All you have to do is email Vedette and send them a message with the name of my blog, Toes That Twinkle! to get your coupon.
Thats not all! Vedette is giving away a mystery piece of shapewear to one of my readers. Yes you will get to pick out the size you need that's not the mystery. You could even win a bianca shapewear of your own! 

MANDATORY ENTRY: “Like” Vedette Shapewear Facebook page and follow Toes That Twinkle on GFC. Make sure to leave Vedette a message telling them how excited you are about their products and that Toes That Twinkle Sent you! Then, leave a comment here telling me you did.

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This Giveaway will end on 5/13

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218- Monkey T-Shirt Review!

I recieved a really cute Monkey T-Shirt from
I got their signature print a cute little monkey on a grey comfortable t-shirt.

The shirt was cotton and so soft! I am such a sucker for comfortable shirts that are cotton and easy to watch. This print is also available on organic tees. Each t-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, or long sleeved shirt is carefully silk screened with your custom design or logo and can be ordered in batches of 12 to 100,00!

 I actually really like the cute little monkey design. I gave it to my brother though since I know he would wear it more! Its simple but fun!

About TShirtPrinting.net:
Here at TshirtPrinting.net we have over twenty years experience in the screen printing industry and take pride in offering an honest, easy to understand way of doing business. We believe that you, our customer, are searching for someone to fulfil your printing needs without stress and with your satisfaction being our main aim.
Above all, have a great Easter!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com created by WebBizIdeas a Minneapolis SEO and Web Design firm. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.

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