166- My Favorite Nail Polish Cookies EVER!

 Monday, February 28, 2011

Who doesnt like to dig into the cutest deserts? What if your appatizing pastry was actually customized for you! How cool is it when you realized that the thing you are putting in your mouth was made for you and you only!

I am so excited to be writing this review since the most amazing gourmet desert decorator made me cookies that were just soo cute that I can't wait to show you!
Toes That Twinkle is a nail polish blog underneath all of these awesome reviews. I cant wait to post more swatches of colors and I have some great lacquers coming up! So when I opened the pink box I recieved I was blown away by the contents.
I got OPI nail polish and LIPSTICK cookies!!! AWESOME

Both were shortbread cookies that were iced in white with a black icing border. Inside the white canvas the OPI cookies really shined with the bottle and logo. I think they came out great! It made me so happy to eat delicious nail polish :) The lipstick cookie's color sparkled. My tongue was satisfied and glowing.

I have to admit I was almost scared of biting in to these because they were so gorgeous but I did and they were so yummy. 

One of my favorite things about Fancy Lady Gourmet was that this gourmet seller really goes the extra mile with packaging. Each cookie is individually wrapped with its own ribbon and comes in a cute box. The packaging that comes with the delicious creations is just divine and really added to my excitement over my cookies.

 Tabby Cat or Fancy Lady Gourmet is an etsy site that sells elegant, custom cookies that really make you smile. 

I would reccomend this etsy seller's treats in a heartbeat. These cookies tasted great and looked spectacular. Their are so many cool creations that Fancy Lady Gourmet offers that I couldnt not showcase some!

Arent they amazing? I can see these being a huge hit at bachelor parties, weddings, baby showers and even at your next girls party! Check out Fancy Lady Gourmet and tell me which cookie is your favorite!


165- Me Bands!

Isn't it hard to just wake up on Mondays? Especially after staying up for the Oscars. Today is going to be one long day!

One of the most popular toys this year were Silly Bandz. In all its variations this toy really took off and every kid wanted the bracelets. Now the Silly Bandz craze has died down but there is another trend that most children are dying to buy.

We all have had livestrong bands. Lets face it there was a time in which it was inevitable that everyone was going to have to wear a knock off or the real one for some time. Livestrong bands were small and the rubber was thin and often times they snapped and broke. 
The new trend is larger rubber bands with current up to date words and labels on them. The words are geared to children aged 8+ and they all are text words, and modern slang and labels. The rubber is thicker so they wont break. 

I received some MeBands to review. MeBands are the epitome of this new fad. They are actually really well made. They fit great on your skin and the rubber is thick but easy to get on and off. 

I really liked some of the slogans and found them to be fresh and original. Speaking of original one of my favorite bands was embellished with "The Original" too cute!
Here is a press release:Speak with styles with these new bands called MeBands. They are from the makers of Googly Bands by Imperial Toys. They're thick rubber bands  with different words and saying such as "Addicted to Texting" and JK!  and comes in many colors. They are great for wearing it alone or stacking together to make another statement. They are appropriate for ages 8+.

Authentic MeBands will have a  unique collector’s code embossed inside the bands. These are great for collecting and trading. Sissy is the collector in the family. I think its a great idea for a company to emboss these numbers to protect their products.

You can buy them at Walmart, Walgreens, and Boscov's Department Stores in the toy aisles.

I enjoyed my MeBands. Would you go out and buy these bracelets? Which one of mine did you like the best?


164- Gaddy Nipper Easter Crayons!

 Sunday, February 27, 2011

The weekend just flies by! I wish it wasnt already Sunday, but it is.
I have always been more into crayons than colored pencils and highlighters. Crayons come in so many cool colors and they don't need to be sharpened.

One of my favorite crayon companies that comes out with fun quirky creations is called Gaddy Nipper Crayons. The site is based out of Orlando, Florida. This is a small company that produces custom one of a kind, recycled crayons for people of all ages. 

 When you visit the Gaddy Nipper Crayons web site store you will find crayons for both sexes in a variety of colors and shapes. These creative new crayons are a hit with young kids who love making artwork.
I was sent their new Peter Cottontail Easter Crayons for my product review. What is super cute is that the 3 bunny shaped crayons are packaged into a silly looking plastic egg which makes them the perfect little gift for Easter Baskets! I thought the presentation of this sample was so cute I could see giving these as Easter presents. 

I received hot pink, neon orange and lime green bunny crayons. These Gaddy Nipper Crayons are in very vibrant colors! I tried these out and they worked great. The size of the crayon would be great for children of all ages and they can easily fit in your hand.

 The detailing on the crayons was also pretty remarkable! Loved the bunny design and you can use these all year round as well as Easter. These are just unique crayons to use when your child is making artwork.

The Gaddy Nipper Crayons are well made, beautiful colors and extremely affordable! 

Gaddy Nipper also makes other great designs:

Which is your favorite Gaddy Nipper Crayon? 


163- Headline T-Shirt Winner!

The Headline T-Shirt Contest had over 100 entries. I am very excited to reveal the winner. I was thrilled when I saw who ended up winning. This follower REALLY wanted to win and tweeted about this giveaway nonstop!

The winner is.... ELLA!
Congratulations to the winner and there are more giveaways ending soon so dont miss out and enter them today!


162- Flat Iron Experts!

 Saturday, February 26, 2011

Arent Saturdays fantastic? I think so!

As you all should know the Headline T-Shirt Giveaway ended last night and I will choose and contact the winner today! All my Giveaways can be found on the sidebar of my blog and you should check them out since Toes That Twinkle has some excited prizes for this month!

When someone sees you for the first time, although we hate to admit it, the first things noticed is all cosmetic and superficial. Hair is very important and I love to make sure my locks are presentable and pretty. 

I think the mandatory product right now in the styling world is the flat iron. You cant turn on the television without seeing super flat straight hair only produced by using straightening irons. 

I have tried many flat irons before but have always had the same problems. The temperature cannot be adjusted and I end up with burned hair. I also have to watch my super hot iron to make sure it doesnt burn down my house.

I was sent a flat iron from flatironexperts.com. I was not told which iron I would get so I didnt have much hope that I would like it. I had no idea what to expect but I knew that I haven't been happy with that many flat irons in the past and was hoping that maybe I would like this one but knew that randomly receiving one it would be hard for me to love it.

I love my KQC Professional Ceramic X-Heat. There are many pros to this fine work of hair machinery. Its very gentle on my hair, and creates more shine. I’ve had flat irons in the past, that were just gold plated, and ended up damaging my hair. I definitely prefer the ceramic style. I think it works better for my hair. 

This particular iron has a 1″ plate, and can heat up to 410 degrees. It heats up REALLY fast. The iron reaches it’s maximum temperature in just 30 seconds, so you can literally use it just seconds after plugging it in. It glides nicely through my hair, and leaves it feeling really soft. I dont use the 410 degree setting since I can choose which temp I want so I get the perfect heat without burning my locks. 

One of the best features of this flat iron is its swivel cord. The swivel cord works really well. This one will not get tangled. The clamp is tighter than my other flat iron I was using, and I’ve found that I really like that.
This flat iron has a 1 year warranty, and Flat Iron Experts offers a 100% money back guarantee within the first month. So if you don’t like the product, or it’s simply not for you, just return it within the first month no hassle no pain!

One of my favorite things about this product? The Matching flat iron stand! I can just stick my hot unplugged iron in this and not worry when it has to cool down! GENIUS and its not bulky and an easy way to store my iron. 

Rated as the #1 best flat iron, the KQC brand of flat iron is the brand most preferred in salons. And you can purchase the KQC X-Heat Flat Iron in salons for $250. But, thanks to online shops like Flat Iron Experts, you can get this iron for $159. Plus, there is free shipping and a limited time offer for free gifts with purchase as well!

I would recommend this iron! I think its great for girls who cant wait for their irons to heat up and cool down. This iron is gentle, heats up super fast, leaves hair glossy and can cool down in its awesome stand. 

Visit Flat Iron Experts and you can find the iron here and holder here!


161- Ruby Blue!

 Friday, February 25, 2011

 Why buy something reproduced and unoriginal when you can buy handmade with love and care?

This has always been my case with handmade clothing . I just love looking at an article of cloth and being able to see the love that it was made with.

   So when I had the opportunity to review handmade accessories of course I jumped at the chance!

Ruby Blue Inc is an etsy site privately owned by a very sweet lady who said the following: "I started my business as a high end childrens boutique owner. I soon realized that buying other peoples creative work wasn't my thing, and that I was much happier creating my own. I began this business in hopes that I would be able to do what I love everyday. That is to be at home, with my beautiful babies, while creating and sharing one of a kind handmade items.I have a passion for fashion and design. I use this shop as my "outlet" and spend most of my free time here. I strive to create fashion forward items primarily for infants and children, but from time to time something for women as well. Mommy deserves something nice too, doesn't she?"

Shopping at Ruby Blue Inc is a great online experience. When you click the link to open her etsy site everything is clearly labeled and categorized so you can easily find what you are looking for. You can also see that she spends a lot of time choosing what to sell as all of her items are spectacular and of great quality. I looked at her site for hours deciding what I liked most which was hard since she has so many neat and interesting pieces. 

The prices of her handmade items are very reasonable for the quality of handmade you are buying. I think every shopper who loves handmade has bought items with threads loose or just not good quality. The handmade items at Ruby Blue Inc have been made with real quality and they all look professional and awesome. 

Ruby Blue Inc specializes in handmade headbands, clips and necklaces.

So what did I receive from Ruby Blue Inc? Let me show you!

I got a beautiful pink rose clutter clip and blue rose bib necklace. I just love both and have already planned outfits I can wear them with!

This lovely clip is gorgeous. I seriously cannot even tell its handmade. The flower is beautiful and so dainty and the rhinestones add a cute detail. The pin works perfectly and it feels and looks professional. This clip adds a touch of handmade and girlishness to any outfit while still being dainty and cute.
 This necklace has amazing detail! Its unbelievable how expensive this looks. If it wasn't for the fact I knew it was handmade I would have never known.  
I just think this necklace is too cute. Its comfortable and the flowers are beautifully embellished with pearls- my favorite!  The necklace has an ribbon strand that you can tie wherever is comfortable. I was just so impressed with the quality of this handmade item and by just how beautiful and unique it is. This would make an awesome present!
So I have already gone on and on about how amazing the detailing and quality of Ruby Blue Inc's items are. Im really not lying. These are my honest opinions and I am not getting paid to say them. I think I ought to mention Ruby Blue Inc's shipping service.

The package I got from this etsy store was so well wrapped. The items came in pink tissue paper and were nice and neat. I hate when you open up a package and see a crumbled item inside and this was not the case. Her communication was great and she shipped the items very fast. 

I cannot recommend this etsy store enough! Please Check out Ruby Blue Inc!


160- Dr.'s Remedy Winter Wonder-Nails!

 Thursday, February 24, 2011

When will winter be over? Hopefully not that soon because of all my beautiful nail polish shades I own just for the chilly season. 

I am a true Nail Polish Fanatic. I own way too many bottles of polish and I am always looking for more.  I love to try out new brands and feel that sometimes the lesser known polishes are better quality then mainstream lacquers.

What makes Dr. Remedy's nail polish different from most of the other brands is that it does not contain toxic ingredients. It is also enriched with naturally occurring elements such as tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract, wheat protein, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. I dont think I own that many polishes made from tea tree oil. Since I paint my nails so often its very important to me that my nail polish is safe and wont ruin my nails. 

The natural ingredients in this lacquer helps strengthen and protect your nails against fungus, discoloration, cracking or brittleness. 

The bottle these lacquers came in is also a favorite of mine. With .5 fl oz they contain a good amount of polish and the square shape is easy to store. The caps are made of a rubber suede like finish that is easy to grab on to when you paint your nails. I think these are almost easier to use than ORLY's cap which is quite a feat! The bottles are very similar to Ulta Professional Line.
Back to the beautiful colors!

This was the pres release for this collection:

Sleigh bells are no longer ringing, snow is well-past glistening, and the mere thought of walking through a winter wonderland has you worrying – way too early – about next year’s Christmas plans. Enter some seasonal delight to make you sizzle (literally): Dr.’s REMEDY introduces four fabulous shades of Enriched Nail Polish, perfect to ring in 2011 and wear throughout the rest of winter (wonderfully).

I received three of four of the colors; Healing Heather Gray, Revive Ruby Red, and Desire Dark Brown.

Healing Heather Gray is a pewter with deep blue undertones. I think its a really pretty gray that I dont own many shades similar too! Two coats to get the color. This was a very hard color to photograph for some reason.

Revive Ruby Red is simply a stunning red. I love shimmers and this certainly is a beautiful example of a deep red shimmer. It took two coats for this beauty and the color is flattering on most nails. 

Now for my favorite polish from this collection.

Desire Dark Brown is my favorite brown polish ever. This one's formula is seriously as smooth as chocolate. Its so milky and one thick coat is all you need! The color is so luxurious and is a great brown which is hard to find. 

Dr.’s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish is available for $16 online at www.remedynails.com or by calling 1-877-323-NAIL.

$16 would normally be high for me to spend for nail lacquers but I would spend over $50 for this awesome brown. The formula is what you are paying for- its AWESOME! I would recommend the brown and red anyday. The grey is pretty too!


159- Microbes!

 Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Morning!
I think I might be getting sick so Im going to keep this post short.
I have always wanted to see a microbe up close. Wouldnt it be cool for me to see what a cold even looks like?Of course, you can see the pictures on an electron microscope, but that's not quite the same as actually holding them in your hand. Until they perfect the shrink ray, the closest I'll ever get to that dream comes from Giant Microbes.

Giantmicrobes.commakes fun plush “microbes” that look like common microbes: cold, flu, rabies, mange, etc. only a million times the actual size!  Not only do they make great gifts but they are very educational in helping kids understand what each disease looks like and each tag helps explain the disease. 

Each plush has a tag and each tag has a photo of what the actual microbe looks like.  Inside the tag is a description, which is great when you want to have a little more information about that specific microbe.

 The great thing about Giant Microbes is that they have a fun and geeky sense of humor. For example, what I received from Microbe was a heart-shaped gift box of mini-microbe dolls called Heart Warming, including a Sperm Cell, Egg Cell, Kissing Disease, Penicillin, and a pink Amoeba. The egg and sperm cells have little bows on them. The sperm has blue and the egg has pink. Honestly I have no idea what Im going to do with these but they certainly are a conversation starter!

Here are some more Giant Microbes:
Bed Bug
Chicken Pox
Mad Cow
 What do you think of these Giant Microbes? Which one would you want? Check their website and tell me!



158- Strawesome!

 Tuesday, February 22, 2011

 Everyone is making efforts to be green and to stay away from wasting plastic. Well what is one way I have been nicer to the environment? I stopped using plastic straws and started using my strawesome straw!

Why did I make this change? I'm sure that we have all heard about the toxins that can be released from using plastic drinking straws.  Some people even refuse to use plastic straws for this concern.  I used enjoy using my plastic straw and find them fun and relaxing. I dont even want to know how many plastic straws I have consumed in my lifetime. Now I can use my glass straw as many times as I want without feeling bad!

Strawesome creates eco-friendly glass drinking straws that are both reusable and works of art.  They are unique, durable and beautiful. These Strawesome straws are simply stunning and durable.  I love the fact that they are wide enough to drink a super thick smoothie or milkshake through without having to fight for it. I love smoothies and ususally when I indulge in one I use a straw.

I was so excited to be able to review a glass straw, but was very worried that my straw would shatter before I had the chance to even review it! Thankfully, Strawesome has a lifetime guarantee - you break the straw, they will replace it and how great is that in households with childeren. Mine is still in perfect form, no worries and I hope I will not have to take them up on their offer. 

The glass used on Strawesome's straws are not the thin glass I was thinking of. These straws are made from the strongest commercially available glass. Borosilicate. Glass doesn't leech toxins into your food or drink, so you can use Strawesome straws without the risks of plastic straws.

I received a straight non bendy straw with a green and white swirl design on it. Its so pretty! Each of the designs are limited edition, so if you love it, snag it, because it may not be there when you come back! Strawesome also makes custom straws. You can have logos or names laser engraved, or even designed with the colors of your wedding or party! If you let them know it is for an occasion as such, they will ship them pre-washed and ready to use. What a great party or wedding favor.

  For parties Strawesomes would be amazing. You can buy packs so each party guest will easily be able to know which drink is theirs. 

Strawesome carries glass straws of all shapes and sizes:

Here are some facts on these unique glass drinking straws:
  • Made of Borosilicate glass which is non-toxic and durable.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Beautiful yet functional. 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage.
  • Handmade in the USA 

 If you are interested in purchasing a straw visit the Strawesome website to see all the straws they have to offer. Please check them out and if you like it you should buy it before they release new designs!


157- Sparkle Hearts!

Good Monday everyone!! I  hope you all had a wonderful extended weekend. 

It was of course a big weekend for my blog surpassing the milestone of 1000 followers. Its a very exciting time here at Toes That Twinkle. I am going to be having some awesome reviews and nail polish swatches this week so stay tuned!

Today I am reviewing Sparkleheart's Sweet Hearts Sparkly Body Lotion. Sparklehearts is a bath, body and beauty company that offers natural beauty products for girls! Their website is so much fun and it brings a smile to anyone shopping online! An attractive site can really make you want to buy something like this product.

What really sets Sparklehearts products apart from other bathing products is the fact that they are made from 99.6% natural , vegetable and plant based ingredients. Sparklehearts products are also Paraben, Phthalate and Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate free so you dont feel bad buying this product!

The lotion is sweetly scented, is 100% PCR PET, the bottles are receycled, and its only made with essential oils. Theres no harm in using it for you or for your enviroment!

The packaging of the Sparkle Hearts Sweet Hearts Lotion is adorable. The size at 8 fl oz is a great one and the white and pink color scheme is so girly and cute. I happen to love the Sparkle Hearts logo and the fact that each heart tells you something new about this product!

 Sparklehearts was created by Hilary Orr and Darcy McMahon. Once these ladies discovered that our bodies absorb 60% of everything we put onto our skin (which really is scary) so they decided that they were going to do something to make body products safer. 

The lotion itself is very moisturizing and of good quality. I love th scent you get when you apply it. 

The best part? The lotion not only smells and feels good but has sparkles in it so your hands are gleaming in the light! What a great addition to a product made for girls.

I can see these being perfect for young girls. For parties these would make great favors and would fit the bill for spa retreats. If I was younger I would have loved this lotion for the sparkles.  

Sparklehearts product line includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Detangler, Body Wash, and Body Lotion.  The Bubbling Blooms Body Wash has evening primrose and sweet almond protein to nourish the skin.  And it’s made with coconut oil and sugar to aid in foaming.  The Sweet Hearts Sparkly Body Lotion that I recieved is made with aloe, sweet almond oil, vitamin B5,  and murumuru butter to improve natural complexion.  The best part about the Sparkly Body Lotion is the natural mica to add sparkle and glamour.  

I loved my lotion and would reccomend trying out Sparkle Hearts!


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