127- The Vinyl Chalkboard Review!

 Monday, January 31, 2011

Its monday and its time for another review!

 I was so lucky to be fortunate enough to review The Vinyl Chalkboards products. The Vinyl Chalkboard is an etsy site dedicated to selling vinyl chalkboards, dry erase wall decals and labels. The fad lately has been to buy reusable wall decals to spice up an ordinary room. Come dorm season all you see in superstores is overpriced wall decals.

 The Vinyl Chalkboard manages to satisfy the trendy decal lovers while adding a new cool element. These wall decals are CHALKBOARDS and not only are they chic and interesting but they are actually functional and fun. Vinyl Chalkboard makes many shapes and sizes for your wall and I happened to pick out the nail polish and lipstick mini pack. Who would have guessed!

The etsy site contains SO many different shapes and figures for your chalkboard that I was lucky it was an easy decision for me. I think the price point is perfect at $30 these are cheaper then competitors while offering the new chalkboard feature. How could you go wrong. 

I thought packaging was great as well. When I got my decals they were padded with white paper on front and back and neither of them were bent at all! (the nail polish was a little curved though) They came fast and the shipping job was neat and protective of the items.

All you have to do is clean your wall or surface, prepare your wall decal, plan your layout and then peel the last paper away to apply to the wall! Its that easy and the decal is removable!

I asked Vinyl Chalkboard a few question and here are her responses!

"How did you come up with the idea behind The Vinyl Chalkboard?"

I am a stay at home graphic designer and a mom of 2 adorable girls. My kids love anything that has to do with art & writing, and I loved the thought of being able to save space by using chalkboards and whiteboards that stick on the wall. My kids and their friends enjoyed the fun shapes so much that I thought why don't I sell them? And so The Vinyl Chalkboard was created!

”What is your inspiration behind your etsy store?” 

I would probably have to say my kids. They are so creative and energetic about everything. They wake up running and don't stop till their head hits the pillow. Their happiness and joy at life inspires me!

I really enjoyed these and would purchase another Vinyl Chalkboard product. I think these can really add to a room and make it more decorative and fun. These would be excellent in a playroom.

Here are some more examples of Vinyl Chalboard's products.

Check them out at their etsy site! Which chalkboard do you like best?


Winner of the Nail Polish Giveaway!

The winner has been chosen! A whopping 332 entries were placed and Susie Mgan won! Luckily she posted her email in the comments so I have reached her.

Thank you for everyone who entered! Check out my upcoming giveaways in the sidebar some are low entry!


123- Sinful Colors!

 Thursday, January 27, 2011

A little while ago I got this press release for Sinful Colors

Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, romance is in bloom and pink is paramount. Welcome February 14th, a day marked by kisses, sweethearts and flirting, of course. This year, treat your tips to a Valentine’s makeover, coating them in a feminine, delicate, or dynamic shade of pink. From bubble gum to baby doll – and everything in between – Sinful Colors has the best array of pink polish to pretty-you-up for the big day.

The 8 loving shades in the collection include:
Pink Forever: Bazooka meets Bam-Bam to equal beautiful.
Beautiful Girl: Classic ballerina with a flirty finish.
Glass Pink: Sheer, shiny, shimmer-happy bliss.
Scandal: No-nonsense neon, slick and sensational.
Soul Mate: Muted peachy pink with a melon twist. 
Boom Boom: Magenta-infused pink, which pops on toes and tips alike.

Sinful Colors surpasses the masses with more than 300 amazing polishes, including the above-mentioned shades. All hues are available at major drug and mass market stores nationwide for $1.99, by calling 1-800-448-0763 or online at www.sinfulcolors.com."

I have always loved Sinful Colors nail polish. Sinful Colors offers a great range of color while still holding a small price point. Its the best of both worlds! When Walgreens had the .99 cents sale on the lacquers I bought so many polishes. The reason I have always come back to Sinful Colors is that they really are Professional. The quality of the polish continues to delight me and I have some Sinful Colors shades that just blow me away!

I think the bottles are great and .5 fl oz is a wonderful size for lacquer. These are easy to store and easy to collect as there really is so many fun colors to choose from. 

I was so thrilled to hear that Sinful Colors was having a Valentine's Day Collection and when my lacquers came in the mail I just had to swatch them.

I got Glass Pink and Scandal. Glass Pink is an awesome pale pink shimmer and Scandal is a bright pink creme.

Scandal is a very pretty pink creme. This flatters almost every skintone and is the perfect girly pink. 

The formula was very opaque. It was a tad on the goopy side but that only means that I needed less coats. Shown is two coats with a topcoat. Drying time was fine if not a bit longer than I wanted.

This really is a vivid color but in real life its less pink and more orange. I think its so pretty!

Glass Pink is a pale pink shimmer. When I got this bottle I thought, "Oh Great, A Sheer Polish!" but when I actually applied it I was pleasently surprised that this didnt need a thousand coats to get the color!

Shown is only two coats without a topcoat. The pinky is without a base coat and the other finger is with a bubblegum nail polish underneath. 

This polish is very pretty by itself but would be amazing for layering! Its seriously a stunning shimmer. (oh s words) This polish has the wow factor!

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of Sinful Color's Valentine Collection? What about Scandal and Glass Pink!


122- Swingsets at CSN stores!

Happy Thursday, did anyone get snow? I know I did!

Today's post is just a little teaser about the review I am going to post in the future. I can't wait to write about my experience with CSN stores! 

I got 10-12 inches of snow last night, but you know what Im thinking about? Playing outside! There is nothing better than being outside on a warm sunny day playing in your backyard. One of the items I loved most when I was younger was my swingset and I think its a product children can benefit off of. Excersize and fun should be mixed and thats exactly was swing sets accomplish!

CSN stores is made up of many websites and one is particularly awesome for buying children swing sets. You can find all the top brands and manufactures so the quality is great. I know that everyone who has bought from CSN is happy with their superior service. 

Kettler - 8373-700 - Deluxe Double Swing Set

CSN has over a hundred stores from these swing sets to so much more!


119- New Zoyas!

 Monday, January 24, 2011

For all those people who love nail polish as much as I do I want to share my zoya collection. I ended up getting alot of zoyas during the promotion because people used their accounts to buy the lacquers for me- how sweet!

First picture from left to right: Julieanne, Mimi, Valerie, Rihana, Ashley, Sarah, Alegra, Gloria, Vivi, Sweet
Bottom Row from left to right: Edyta, Crystal, Charla, Ivanka, Shawn 

I had some before the promotion but a good majority came from the deal. I love my new collection and all my beauties. 

Well I couldnt just show you my collection without some swatches could I?

Zoya Shawn

Zoya Vivi

Zoya Crystal
 Zoya Gloria

So out of those which one do you like the best? 


117- Milani Holographic 3d Nail Lacquer!

 Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello everyone, happy saturday! 
 Its my upmost pleasure to share another review of a brand that I love and trust its quality, Milani. Milani cosmetics always surprise me with its great application and formula and how it ranks above my more expensive polishes.
Milani always comes out with the freshest collections and the one I have been the most excited about in general is the 3D Holographic collection. I have already reviewed the colors HD and 3D the silver and gold in the collection, but what really intrigues me is the holographic colors in blue, pink, purple, and green so I am ecstatic to own Hi-Tech and Digital.

Hi Tech
 Hi-Tech is a polish I was not thrilled about seeing in the bottle. I LOVE holographic polishes but I thought the green would look terrible against my skintone. I am so thrilled I was wrong and that this beauty doesnt look dissatrous on me. The holographic finish really comes out in this green. 
The formula was great. This was two coats and the Milani brush is easy to use. The holographic polish dried fast which was very pleasent to an impatient nail fanatic.
This was definitely my favorite out of the four I reviewed. Hi tech is a green with yellow accents that just stunnes. Its a bright color yet its a holo- very hard to accomplish and for a drugstore polish this was made by the Holy Holo gods!

Digital is an awesome pink mauve holo that is so pretty yet has that holographic edge that makes it stand out. This looks like a beautiful pink diamond. The holo is strong just not as strong as Hi-Tech. 
Formula was good. I used 3 coats to get the desired color. I did not use topcoat. It really is nice for the eye to look like, it sparkles while still being feminine and girly. 
Again I was delighted with the fast dry time. What a winner. I am so impressed with these two polishes that I wish I owned the whole Holographic collection.

Milani cosmetics are fun, affortable and have excellent quality. For under $4.50 at most drugstores these are well worth a purchase. I am so pleased with all my milani cosmetics and have not really had any complaints. Hi-Tech is now my favorite Milani polish but I would reccomend any of the ones I have reviewed.


116- Haute Confection's Fashion Earrings

 Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello everyone. Did you get snow today, I did so I have the day to relax until I can get out of my home!

So what do I do on my day off? Review some awesome products for you! Recently I have been into handmade items from etsy stores and my review today is an awesome example of fashion forward one of a kind items!
Haute Confections in an etsy store that is run by a wonderful woman who, stated the following "I consider myself more of an 'artist' than a 'sewist'. I love the creative process. I usually don't plan the outcome of a project. I start essentially with a blank canvas and just let the ideas come. Many times fabric will speak to you telling you what it wants to become. I like to think outside the box and push the limits. I love learning new techniques. I like the idea of learning a certain technique and turning around and applying it to something totally different."

I definetly consider HauteConfection's products works of art. The etsy store carries everything from handsewn dresses, to necklaces and jewerly to handbags and headbands.
Here are some amazing examples of HauteConfections listings (just click on the photos to go to the product):

So what did I get that I love and wanted to review?

I have to say these are showstoppers. They are boots cuttout from fashion magazines that are laminated and made into earrings. They are so much fun and the quality of the photos/ cuttouts is just remarkable!

The packaging was too cute not to post. I really appreciated that HauteConfections threw in a really adorable little tag that I can add to gifts. How special!

I got two awesome booties. One is a leopard that literally packs a punch and the other is a chunky chic bootie that I want to wear on my feet along with ears.

  • One of a Kind- Standout Earrings
  • Very good quality, the pictures are vibrant and the cut outs are well done!
  • Cute packaging, fast shipping and A+ communication between buyer and seller
  • An Overall GREAT etsy experience and easy online purchasing.
  • These earrings definetly make you stand out, so there not for the shy buyer or someone who doesnt like strangers coming up to them giving complements!
These earrings make a great gift for any women whos into fashion. They are fun and would add alot of character to a otherwise bland outfit. They seriously are one of a kind beauties and the price point is perfect for a small gift. 

Here are some other earrings HauteConfections makes:

You can find all of these awesome products here.  Please take a look at her shop and tell me what you like the most!


114- Milani Neons Review

 Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello wonderful followers!

Since becoming a nail polish blogger I have tried most mainstream brands out there in the nail polish arena. There is definitely a small grouping of companies that I prefer to put on my nails. One of these brand is Milani.
When I own a Milani product I expect to own quality. I have always been pleasantly surprised with their nail products. As many of my followers know I love doing Milani reviews because it gives me a chance to rave about a great brand.

Today I am going to talk about Milani's Neon Lacquers.

From the Milani Website, "New specialty nail lacquers created to give your nails a POP of brilliance. These bright neon shades capture the explosion of color that has made an impact of the latest color trends and are here to stay."

I have Fresh Teal and Pink Rocks! 

I love the Milani Nail polish design. I think the shape is so easy to store in my ever growing collection and the black caps with the M is just classy and simple. The nail polish has .45 fl oz which I think is a good size. 

Onto the colors!

Both of these shades were a pain to photograph. Neons often are. These colors look so bright and true to the bottle in real life but in photos they look like jellys in less interesting colors. I did my best to try to capture the true shades.
Fresh Teal is a beautiful green blue neon color. In the bottle the color looks green but not the typical green neon. This one is my favorite shade out of the collection and compared to Pink Rocks! because it is not what I expect from a neon. We have all seen highlight neon green and this change of pace in the idea of neon green is spectacular and original. 
The color is much more like the color of the bottle in real life.
 The formula on Fresh Teal is wonderful it only took 1-2 coats to get it opaque. You dont even need a topcoat which is remarkable for a neon since they usually dry matte. A dupe of Fresh Teal might be the base of Custom Kicks from China Glaze but this is a neon instead of a shimmer.  
 I think this color is a real winner and I would definitely recommend it.

Pink Rocks!- a.k.a. the biggest pain to capture the color.
 Pink Rocks! is a feminine pink while still having a little neon edge. Its such a pretty pink and its so vibrant on your nails. The formula on this one was fine but it did take 3 coats. Like most true neons this dried to a flat like matte finish so it did need some topcoat.
Again this is closer to the color on the bottle.
Its like a Hawaiian pink creme/jelly in real life but it came out a red pink in these photos. This too is true to the bottle more than my shots. Either way this is one bold shade!

All in all this is yet another fantastic collection from Milani. Fresh Teal is gorgeous and a must have and Pink Rocks! is a very pretty neon pink. 

These shades retail for $4.20 each and you can find them at walgreens, cvs and other drugstores.

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